Firefighters Injured Battling Fire in Downtown Houston

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Firefighters injured battling fire in downtown Houston. The fire department in Houston has reported that three firefighters were injured when battling a three-alarm fire at Houston’s Main Street Market Downtown. One of the firefighters was rushed to the area hospital and is now in a stable condition. His family has been notified. The other two remained at the scene of the fire and received the necessary medical attention. No one else was injured in this fire emergency.

The Houston fire department also revealed that more than 150 firefighters were battling the stubborn blaze which started in the basement of the Main Street Market on 901 Main at around 8 AM Thursday (October 17th, 2019). Firefighters responded quickly and almost immediately pulled a second alarm to ask for back up and more resources. The main focus for the better part of the operation was to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby buildings.

The fire was put out later in the afternoon and authorities are still at the scene investing a possible arson attack. The cause is still unknown for now. The public is asked to avoid the area until further notice.

Firefighters and emergency responders like police officers and paramedics risk their lives every day to serve their communities. Inevitably, they do get injured while performing their duties. According to the Texan law, firefighters are eligible to recover funds from the workers’ compensation insurance to cater for any medical bills of injuries incurred in their line of work.

However, the workers’ compensation may not be enough for all the damages caused by the accident. In this case, firefighters can get more compensation by making an injury claim. This is a claim against the entity (person or company) that contributed to the accident. It is recommended to find a professional personal injury lawyer for such cases.

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