Durango and Twain Area Closed After Several People Were Injured in an Accident

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Officers got a call about a critical accident that occurred at Durango and Twain on Saturday night. The first details show that it was a vehicle that hit at least one pedestrian.

Several people were injured and taken to the hospital. Their condition is currently described as critical. So far, police have not reported the precise number of people involved in the accident.

The area was shut for several hours. The police continue to investigate the accident.

No one expects to be hit by a car once they leave their home. But, pedestrian accidents happen all the time, even on roadways that are seen as safe. It is not uncommon for the driver to flee the accident scene and leave the injured pedestrian heavily injured.

It takes a little distraction, speed (not even an excessive speeding), alcohol or drugs, or a small bump on the road for an accident to happen. The pedestrian has no protection like the driver has, so their injuries will be twice as worse.

Often pedestrians are responsible for the accident (crossing streets at unmarked areas for e.g.).

But, even if the pedestrian carries the fault, they still have the right to seek compensation claims for their injuries and damages.

Hiring a pedestrian accident attorney can help you go through the process of filing a lawsuit and seeking the claim.

Your attorney will counsel you and guide you through the process, which can be complex, especially when a big insurance company decides to underpay you or perhaps even deny the claim.

If you or a loved one were in a pedestrian accident, make sure you act fast.

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