Crash Alert: Burglar crashes getaway truck into Mid-West home

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HOUSTON, TX – A burglar attempting to flee police Thursday night lost control of his getaway vehicle, which slammed into a Mid-West home and caused serious damage.

According to ABC 13, the incident began at around 11:30 p.m., when when police witnessed an older man attempting to rob a nail salon near Westheimer and Gessner Roads. The officers moved to arrest the suspect, but were unsuccessful. The man evaded capture and drove off in a truck.

Police pursued the fleeing suspect, who fell out of the driver’s side door when he took a corner too fast. The unoccupied vehicle crashed into a nearby home, starting a fire and destroying the owner’s new car. Fortunately, she does not appear to have been injured.

The pursuing officers were able to arrest the suspect, who has been charged for a string of robberies.

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