Drivers Have a Reason to Rejoice: Court Dismiss Insurance Company’s Claim

Drunk driving cases are very common in Texas. In fact, the state had the highest number of alcohol-impaired road accident cases in 2016. In most such scenarios, the insurance company is liable to compensate victims. However, in order to protect itself, an insurance company decided to take a new approach and classified the act of driving under the influence of alcohol an ‘intentional act’, declining to cover the compensation but the Court Dismiss Insurance Company’s Claim.

More About the Case

This happened in San Antonio, when a victim decided to file a lawsuit against the insurance company when it declined to pay the $244,000 verdict.

According to the insurance company, the driver made the decision to drink and go behind the wheel. Since insurance companies do not cover intentional acts, the company decided to not pay the amount.

However, the court announced the verdict in favor of drivers stating:

Only an insurance company could come up with the policy interpretation advanced here.”

According to the court, the insurance company’s ‘opinion’ made no sense as accepting it would defeat the main purpose of auto insurance.

Important to be Careful

The verdict is a victory for drivers all over the country. However, this isn’t a license to drink and drive. It is still important to be careful as being involved in an accident while you’re drunk can result in a lot of trouble.

Drivers involved in a road accident may have to pay heavy damages. In addition to this, they may also lose the right to drive and, in some rare cases, may have to spend time behind bars.

If you or someone close to you has sustained injuries in a road accident, you may have the option to go the legal route. Contact us today to speak to us.


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