Construction Worker Killed in Fall at Frito-Lay Plant in Irving, Texas

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Most of get up and go to work every day without thinking about what could happen. We can go all of our lives without ever getting hurt at work. And then one day, the unthinkable happens. We suffer an injury so debilitating, we’re lucky to survive. Some of us aren’t so lucky as a construction worker killed in fall at Frito-Lay plant.

This is what happened to a 30-year old man in Irving, Texas on Friday. On the afternoon of October 4, three men were working at the Frito Lay plant in Irving, Texas. They went up to work on something while using scissor lift. They were up in the air when their equipment collided.

The men fell about 20 to 30 feet. Sadly, one of the workers actually plunged to his death. The other two men, both also in their thirties, suffered very serious injuries, One of the men are still listed as being in critical condition.

The names of the victims haven’t been released. However, the police did confirm that the men worked for a company called Walker Engineering. The report also didn’t confirm exactly what the men were working on at the time of the accident.

Cases like this are tragic for everyone involved. Not only did the victim lose his life, but his family has lost him as well. They may have a claim against a variety of parties here. If the equipment is found to have been faulty, the family can file a claim against the manufact

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