California Man Attacks Naval Hospital Amid COVID-19 Response

A California man attacked a naval hospital in the Los Angeles Port. The man took action against the government by derailing the train he was engineering to crash it into the water-based hospital.

The USNS Mercy reached the Los Angeles port only days ago to give relief to the medical facilities in Los Angeles. The water-based hospital is a facility for medical treatment not related to COVID-19 so that people can get the treatments they need without likely exposure to the virus.

Eduardo Moreno, a California train engineer, is now facing arraignment on Wednesday for the train wreck, which did not make it to the naval hospital. The train went through many barriers of concrete and chains before ultimately stopping in a parking lot. No one was hurt; the naval hospital remains intact and undamaged. However, the train did leak fuel. California Highway Patrol, the state police system in California, acted quickly, and an officer caught Moreno as he attempted to flee the scene.

Moreno claims that he targeted the USNS Mercy to end the government takeover. He derailed his train at full-speed, purposefully, and knowing that it would attract substantial media attention. In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, there’s been a severe disturbance in Los Angeles’ typically congested traffic. It is shocking and upsetting to see that typically low-damage car accidents and gridlock is now replaced with attacks on U.S. Naval ships meant to serve the Los Angeles community with much needed medical aid.

Without a doubt, Moreno will have a long line of investigation, charges, court appearances, and more. Although he has admitted his intent and actions, this case is far from closed as the general public wonders if there will be additional charges.

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