Accused Killer of a Nassau Bay Sergeant Charged With Capital Murder

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Police sergeant, an accused killer of a Nassau Bay sergeant, was charged with capital murder on Friday morning.

Twenty-one-year-old Tavores Dewayne Henderson was charged at first with felony murder before the charge was upgraded.

On Thursday night, he got a $150,000 bond on his first court appearance.

On Tuesday night, Henderson was arrested during a traffic stop in the Clear Lake area, police informed.  He was arrested for an outstanding warrant and managed to escape the police. Henderson got back in his vehicle and stroke forty-three-year-old Sgt. Kaila Sullivan.

Henderson left the accident scene with one handcuff on his arm. He had no idea that more officers were waiting on him.

He was on the run for several days before the team of law enforcement partners located him and arrested him without causing further incidents, Sheriff Ed Gonzales, informed. Harris County Sheriff’s Office was the leader of the investigation after Sullivan lost her life.

The judge gave Henderson a bond for the murder of Nassau Police Sergeant Kaila Sullivan. The man already had four felony bonds.

The district attorney’s office explained that Henderson would not have been released even if he posted the bond. He already was charged with separate aggravated assault and skipped court, so the bond for that charge was forfeited.

The charge is complicated, and investigators had to get to every detail before charging him with capital murder.

Henderson had non-existent chances to get out before the police charged him with capital murder. The common bond for murder is $50 000.

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