32-Year Old Truck Driver Killed in El Paso When His Semi Crashed into Overpass

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Usually, when we hear about a tractor trailer accident, it involves multiple vehicles. Either a truck jackknifes or smashes into a passenger car or SUV. Regardless of the cause, these accidents tend to be very serious. And, it’s usually the person in the car or SUV who gets hurt or killed. Not this time a 32-year old truck driver killed in El Paso.

On Wednesday morning, at about 12:54 a.m., 32-year old Harjot Singh Goraya was driving his 2019 Freightliner on Interstate-10. He was driving in the westbound lane near the Mesa exit ramp when he lost control of his vehicle.

His semi-truck veered out of the lanes of traffic and crashed into the support columns of the overpass. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The accident was so serious, it took crews until 10 a.m. to clear the scene. Traffic was shut down for about 9 hours.

There is no evidence yet to suggest why Goraya lost control of the car. There has been no mention of the driver being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash. Nor has there been any indication that he was suffering from any medical condition that could have caused the crash.

Authorities have reported that the road was wet due to earlier rains, but it’s not clear that that is what caused the driver to lose control.

Sadly, accidents like this happen all too often in Texas. Thankfully, there were no other cars involved and no other injuries reported. The driver’s family will surely want to know what caused the accident. If there was any sort of mechanical failure, the family will have a possible claim against the manufacturer of the semi-truck.

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