29-Year Old Houston Man Struck and Killed by Police Cruiser Wednesday

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29-year old Houston man, Dwayne Foreman, was on his way home from the corner store on Wednesday when he was struck and killed by a police cruiser. Foreman, who lives in the city, was riding his bicycle in the northbound lanes of North Wayside Drive when he was hit by an on-duty police officer.

The police cruiser was on their way to a suicide in progress when they struck the cyclist. A neighbor had their dashcam on and captured the whole event on video. They said the police were driving fast and didn’t have their emergency lights on.

Police personnel said that, in a situation like this, they follow protocol. That sometimes calls for the emergency lights to remain off. They also said that they always follow the posted speed limits unless it’s an emergency situation.

The neighbor said that Foreman was attempting to cross the road when he was struck by a police cruiser. Authorities have confirmed that their police cruiser’s dashcam was also working but no video has been released.

The officers indicated that Foreman failed to yield the right of way and that’s why he was hit. They said that all citizens, even those on bicycles, need to follow the basic traffic rules. There’s a stop sign at that intersection, but Foreman didn’t stop.

The victim had lost his mother just the day before the incident. Now his son, just a young child himself, has lost his grandmother and father in the span of two days. Morris Sullivan, the victim’s father, said that he wants answers.

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