Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney if I Have a Small Case?

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Most people resolve their car accidents without anyone having to plan out their arguments or manage their insurance claim, right? Not quite. Many people turn to car accident attorneys in Houston for resolving these cases for various reasons even if you think you have a small case. These claims don’t always turn into cases, they don’t usually go to court, but most of the time, people simply don’t get the compensation that they need after a crash.

Sketchy Insurance Companies

Did the person you were in a wreck with, hand you a self-printed “Janet’s Collission” where awful spelling and perforated edges already gave you a bad vibe? Sketchy insurance agencies thrive on policies that essentially don’t cover anything. The driver is frustrated, sure, but you, the victim, is the one left “high and dry.”

If the other driver’s insurance policy has you feeling a little hesitant, then contact an attorney right away. What you don’t want to occur is to end up with unexpected medical bills or property damage that you can’t cover, and that their policy won’t cover.

Level of Comfort in Handling Your Insurance Claim

Do you feel like you can handle your case? If you have a small case without any injuries and minimal property damage, then you probably don’t need a lawyer to hold your hand as you resolve this issue. Attorneys are there to stand up for victims, but if you don’t feel like a victim, then you probably don’t need someone to put their foot down for you.

However, if you’re not sure about where to start or how to tell your insurance company that their settlement was too low, then you should get legal aid. Hiring an attorney doesn’t always mean that they take over your case. You should always be the primary and final decision maker, but having someone who can argue and negotiate for you can be very impactful on the compensation you could eventually receive.

Financial Questions to Consider

A lot of people start with the question, “Can I afford an attorney?” But, the question they should ask is, “Do I have medical bills to pay?”

When it comes to battling with an insurance company, any insurance company, they only want to look at your car’s property damage. If you clearly had injuries, then they’ll likely take that into consideration, but really they’re ready to fight medical claims before a wreck even happens.

If you have medical bills, you may end up thousands of dollars in debt over something as common as whiplash. What’s worse is that your emergency room trip, or urgent care visit alone could run you hundreds only to learn that the only remedy is rest.

What To Ask When Speaking with a Houston Injury Lawyer

If you do decide that you need the help of a wreck attorney, then you should go into a consultation prepared. Think of a consultation like an interview. The big question you should ask is, do you think I need a lawyer.

If you suspect that your case is too small for an attorney, then you may have a hard time finding one. Attorneys may realize that your claim doesn’t need anything more than a call to your insurance. They often won’t waste their resources to cover a case that doesn’t actually need legal help.

Other questions that you should consider should be:

  • Do you think there will be a problem proving fault?
  • What do you think an attorney should prioritize in managing my case?
  • How far would you fight for full compensation?

Although there’s the common belief that insurance companies would rather pay out for minor crashes, that’s often not the case. Instead, they will often cut corners when paying out on these cases in an effort to keep more money in their pocket rather payout.

Reach Out to Your Houston Car Wreck Attorney

Working with a Houston car wreck attorney isn’t something that anyone wants to do, but the fact is that car accidents happen. Even if you have a small crash, and subsequently a small claim, you could benefit from an attorney. But, before you go hiring a high-powered lawyer to take your case to court, you need a consultation.

Schedule a consultation with an attorney at McDonald Worley, where our team of lawyers can help explain your claim. Not only will you get a realistic understanding of what to expect from your claim, but also, whether you actually need an attorney or not.