Long Term Risperdal Side Effects Could Be Severe

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The popular antipsychotic medication Risperdal has been tied to the risk of long term side effects. Long term Risperdal side effects have been reported in adverse patient event reports as well as in academic and medical studies.

The Risperdal side effects could be especially problematic when they are prescribed to children and young men.

This antipsychotic drug is most often recommended to manage the symptoms of schizophrenia.

It originally received FDA approval in 1994 but since then has been tied to a number of long term Risperdal side effects.

The drug operates as a dopamine antagonist which reduces the symptoms of schizophrenia. It also often reduces serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain and acts as an antihistamine.

This medication is extremely popular around the world.

Although the drug has been tied to positive outcomes for treating diseases like schizophrenia, unwanted side effects have been reported by many different patients.

There are numerous different factors that can influence the prevalence of long term Risperdal side effects, including individual physiology, the dosage amount for Risperdal, the time span that Risperdal was prescribed for and other medications.

Some of the most common long term side effects of Risperdal include anxiety, agitation, changes in appetite, balance problems, coughing, constipation, blurred vision, dry mouth, depression, dizziness, drowsiness, insomnia, headaches, memory loss, muscle spasms, poor concentration, nausea, itching, restlessness, sexual dysfunction, sweating, and tremors.

There are many adverse reactions that people can have to Risperdal in addition to these side effects mentioned above.

Those patients who have developed long term Risperdal side effects and allege they were never told about these dangers prior to receiving the medication, might need to report their concerns to their doctor and consider legal action.

Certain patients have developed gynecomastia as a result of taking Risperdal over a long time.

Men and young boys who used Risperdal after receiving a prescription from a doctor might be at risk of developing breast tissue and suffering significant side effects.

If you already have learned to cope with the side effects but believe the manufacturer is responsible for the injuries you sustained, consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options to file a lawsuit.

risperdal-injuryRisperdal side effects can have a damaging effect on your life as well as the life of your family members and consulting with an attorney and filing a lawsuit might be the only way to recover compensation in order for you to pay your medical bills and deal with the other many ways that Risperdal has affected your life.

For many people, it can be a difficult decision as to whether the possible benefits of the drug outweigh the dangerous side effects.

If you have developed long term Risperdal side effects, make sure you consult with your doctor about what is truly in your best interests.

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