Lawsuit: Xarelto Injury Causes Pain and Financial Damages

A Xarelto injury has caused another plaintiff to initiate legal action to recover funds in support of the damages sustained. Xarelto, prescribed to prevent stroke and pulmonary embolism, has been tied to an increasing number of adverse event reports filed by patients.

The lawsuit alleges that the injury was so severe that the risks should have been known beforehand. As a result, the legal claim based on the Xarelto injury says the manufacturer of the popularly-prescribed drug should have done more to warn patients about the problems.

The plaintiff in this most recent Xarelto injury lawsuit was prescribed the medication in her home state of Kentucky in November 2015. Xarelto was used by her through January 2017, upon which time she discontinued use based on medical advice from her doctor.

The plaintiff argues that she suffered critical injuries as a result of taking the drug, including profound anemia and intense menstrual bleeding. She argues that these side effects were caused by Xarelto, but that she was never told about the side effects before filling her prescription.

Xarelto Injury Risks

Xarelto has, for years, been promoted as an alternative to warfarin. Warfarin has been on the market for decades with minimal side effects and dangers presented to patients. When was first approved by the FDA, the makers of the drug marketed Xarelto as superior to warfarin.

opioid-pill-millIn the years following the approval of the drug, however, more patients began to experience life-threatening bleeds.

Many studies have also shown that without dosage and blood monitoring carried out after a Xarelto prescription that severe side effects may develop quickly.

Internal bleeding is one of the most dangerous types of side effects. The manufacturers are accused of downplaying the risks and not giving physicians and consumers enough of a chance to make a decision about using Xarelto.

Xarelto is the second most commonly-prescribed medication for atrial fibrillation and remains recommended across the country. Many patients don’t know the risks of internal bleeding and end up suffering severe events days, weeks, or months into their regimen. Any type of Xarelto injury can develop quickly and may lead to physical and financial damages.

The risk of internal bleeding is especially problematic among Xarelto users because it can happen very quickly and the symptoms may be difficult to identify without a doctor’s intervention.

By the time a patient realizes something is wrong, he or she may have limited opportunity to get medical treatment to abate the problem.

Many studies have shown that if doctors had been aware of the dosage and blood monitoring recommendations that some forms of Xarelto injury could have been prevented.

The Xarelto Injury Lawsuit is Case No. 2:18-cv-00200-EEF-MBN, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

If you or someone you know has suffered a Xarelto injury and wants to file a lawsuit, call the lawyers at McDonald Worley today.

Note: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit.


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