Jury Awards $57M in Pelvic Mesh Lawsuit Verdict

A recent pelvic mesh lawsuit verdict led to an award of more than $57 million in damages to a woman who filed a defective medical device lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson.

That plaintiff argued that J&J was responsible for manufacturing a malfunctioning pelvic mesh implant that left the woman incontinent and with permanent scars. Punitive damages awarded in the pelvic mesh lawsuit reached $50 million.

The patient received a pelvic mesh implant in 2007 to relieve signs of stress urinary incontinence. In the summer following the implantation procedure, however, she received a second implant of Johnson & Johnson’s TVT product because her condition had not improved.

Sudden urges to urinate and severe pelvic pain prompted the plaintiff to report the side effects to her doctor, upon which it was determined that the mesh product had eroded into the urethra, prompting multiple surgical interventions.

Pelvic Mesh Complications Lead to Lawsuits

A growing number of patients have come forward with concerns about transvaginal mesh products. Many of these injured patients or their surviving family members are entitled to file a pelvic mesh lawsuit.

One of the most common claims about the dangers of these products has to do with the breakdown of the mesh inside a patient’s body.


Allegations against the manufacturer state that when the devices eroded, they caused infections and other complications for the victims, many of whom did not realize the toll the devices took until weeks or months later.

For those patients who did see the connection between their sudden pain and their mesh implant, in most of these cases the mesh adhered to their insides, making a removal surgery impossible.

The design of the mesh implant is such that it encourages inflammation after being inserted surgically in order to keep the device in place. For some patients, however, that inflammation never stops. The human body requires flexibility with an implant like that, and patients who suffered severe pain because of the mesh implant argue that they were never properly warned of the risks.

Filing a Pelvic Mesh Lawsuit

Patients who believe they may be eligible to file a lawsuit should first consult with their doctor about a treatment plan to address concerns with their pelvic mesh implant. Any patient who has experienced bleeding, pain during sex, erosion of the mesh, infection, vaginal scarring, discomfort, or shortening of the vagina needs to discuss treatment options with a doctor. 

These serious side effects could indicate a problem with a vaginal mesh product. Any patient living through these issues should also talk directly with an attorney to determine grounds for filing a defective medical device lawsuit. The law protects patients who have unnecessarily suffered from dangerous devices.

If you’ve been injured by a transvaginal mesh product, you may be entitled to file a pelvic mesh lawsuit. The experienced pelvic mesh attorneys at McDonald Worley offer a free case evaluation. Fill out the form on this page to find out if you qualify to file a pelvic mesh lawsuit.  


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