Illinois Man Suffers Opioid Addiction and Alleges Manufacturer to Blame

An Illinois resident has recently come forward to share that he believes that his opioid addiction is because of the painkiller’s representative supporting the drug without mentioning the dangerous downside.  According to the opioid addiction lawsuit, the company responsible for making Subsys, Insys Therapeutics, allegedly promoted the drug without giving patients or doctors a clear idea of the dangers associated with it.  The opioid addiction lawsuit also argued that the company got the drug inappropriately cleared by informing the patient’s health plan that the patient had cancer.  The patient in this opioid addiction lawsuit began taking Subsys in 2015 to treat injuries related to a workplace accident.

Patient Says Opioid Addiction the Fault of Improper Marketing Methods

A sales representative who had been in the doctor’s office for the patient allegedly promoted the medication, although the patient was at no point warned about the highly addictive nature of the drug.  The sales representative also failed to actively discourage the man from weaning himself off the drug.  The highly addictive or potentially addictive nature of Subsys was never mentioned to the patient, and it was never shared that Subsys was not intended or suitable for long-term use.  A number of different risks are associated with short and long-term use of Subsys.  Muscle relaxers and various narcotics were the initial treatment method for the patient getting assistance with his work-related injury.

However, the doctor recommended Subsys in April 2015 after a sales representative for the drug had visited the physician’s office.  Subsys is a spray medication designed to provide pain relief and can be used multiple times throughout the day.  The doctor who prescribed Subsys claimed that the patient in question was a perfect candidate.  After using the medication, the patient complained that he was not getting the appropriate relief, and the doctor recommended that the patient contact him directly for an additional supply of this medication.

Opioid addiction has become a serious problem in all states across the country. The rising healthcare and overdose-related costs in numerous cities and counties have even led to lawsuits against opioid manufacturers. Those localities allege that the manufacturers are responsible for generating an opioid crisis that force governments to deal with the fallout. Allegedly, the makers of these drugs knew about the serious risks but put patients at risk regardless and heavily marketed these drugs regardless.

The patient argued in his opioid addiction lawsuit that he became addicted and suffered from depression, anxiety, hallucinations, mood swings, antisocial behavior, sleeping problems, and a number of other issues associated with the medication.  The doctor never suggested that the patient discontinue use of Subsys because of its addictive nature, and the doctor explicitly told the patient not to discontinue taking it or to reduce the intake.  The opioid addiction lawsuit said that if the patient had known about the dangerous risks of the potentially addictive or highly addictive drug, he never would have taken it.  Insys is only approved for those patients who are in need of breakthrough cancer treatment and need serious assistance with pain.  After the company making Subsys was accused of a criminal scheme to increase prescription through kickbacks and other fraudulent means, the physician finally took the patient off the drug.

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