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People suffer from back injuries in Houston every day. They can happen from a slip and fall or a car accident. They are also the result of work accidents. Usually, they happen while you’re just going about your business. One minute you’re driving to the grocery store, the next minute you’re in the hospital with a back injury.

You will be in pain. There will be medical bills. You will likely miss time from work. Someone should pay for this. You need a good personal injury lawyer to help you navigate your way through the legal process.

Back injuries are painful. Even the slightest disc slip or herniation can cause years or a lifetime of excruciating pain. You may have to get surgery. You may have to go to physical therapy for weeks or months. Your whole life will change. If an accident in Houston, Texas, has left you with a back injury call an attorney with McDonald Worley at 877-721-3423.

Car Accidents Are Often the Cause of Back Injuries

Car accidents cause a ton of back injuries. Even the slightest jarring in a car accident can cause significant injury to your back. Getting rear-ended or T-boned can cause severe back injuries. You may not even feel it right away. It may take hours or days to really kick in. When it does, you want to call a good car accident lawyer right away.

Most back injuries from car accidents are disc issues or muscle damage. However, it can be something as severe as paralysis. It can be years of treatment, surgery, and therapy before you feel better. It may change your life completely.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston

If you have suffered a back injury, you need a lawyer. Call a personal injury lawyer in Houston, TX. The attorneys at McDonald Worley have decades of experience handling these cases. If you’ve had a car accident, don’t wait – contact the office immediately for a consultation. The attorney will evaluate your case and let you know what the road ahead may look like.