When Should I Get a San Pedro Car Accident Attorney?

Car accidents can be scary, time-consuming, expensive, and life-changing. Just like that, your life can be turned upside down. Immediately after the accident, there can be a lot of confusion. You are left wondering when you should bring in a lawyer. After an accident, when should you and when should you not contact a San Pedro car accident attorney?

A law firm that offers free consultations is a good place to start. A no-risk consultation means you are not obliged to pay for the professional legal services provided during the first meeting. But keep in mind a car accident lawyer will not just take any case that falls into their lap. They first scrutinize your case to determine whether your claim stands a chance or not. The goal of this free consultation is to see whether you have a viable claim. If your case is worth pursuing, then they can choose to take it. If your claim isn’t viable, they may not commit, but at least they give you an expert opinion on your claim’s worth and a way forward.

Many personal injury law firms offer free consultations, particularly for car accidents. A lawyer could be of more use in some types of motor vehicle accidents than others. Let’s analyze the following scenarios.

What Kind of Motor Vehicle Accidents Don’t Require a Lawyer?

In some scenarios, hiring a car accident lawyer may be pointless. An excellent example where it does not make sense to hire a lawyer is when the compensation you seek to recover damages is too little. Other scenarios include:

  • If you only suffered minor injuries that didn’t cause lasting pain and discomfort
  • If your injuries did not need the expensive services and attention of a medical practitioner
  • If you made a quick recovery without costly hospital visits

The reason why having a lawyer may be pointless for such scenarios is that you will most probably only get a settlement that amounts to your medical bills. Although there is a likelihood that your attorney can negotiate for a better settlement, it will be a waste of time because the settlement increase will be insignificant.

Nevertheless, if you sustained even minor injuries, contacting a car accident lawyer can still be beneficial. You will get an expert opinion as you weigh your legal options. The minor injuries may require you to see a specialist who can offer specific treatments and tests, or physical therapy. In this case, your car accident claim can be worth a lot more, and having an auto accident lawyer in your corner can work in your favor.  

Will I Benefit From Hiring a San Pedro Car Accident Attorney?

In contrast with the examples above, there are situations where hiring a car accident lawyer is crucial. In scenarios where you need help to negotiate a better settlement, counter the insurance company’s low-ball offer, or when the insurance company denies your claim altogether, a lawyer will come in handy.

Some of these situations include:

You suffered serious injuries: More money is at stake when the injuries sustained are severe. For obvious business reasons, insurance companies will always try to make you settle for less by undervaluing your claim. An injury is labeled “severe” if it causes pain and discomfort or needs long-term care and treatment like a broken bone or a dislocation. It does not have to be fatal.

You are uncertain of the severity of your injuries: More often than not, accident victims are left feeling unsure about their health. For instance, a pain that never goes away. Or wondering whether you will ever go back to living normally, even after getting treatment. If these types of scenarios relate to you, you should opt for a car accident lawyer. An attorney will advise you on the right medical specialist and take on insurers on your behalf.

You’re worried about how you’re going to pay your medical bills: Car accidents can leave you with injuries that cost a fortune to treat. Are you concerned that your current finances can’t cover your medical bills? If you are, this is a sure sign that your insurance company has not offered fair compensation. Your lawyer can ensure you get treatment right away without having to worry about waiting for your compensation check to arrive.

You missed time from work: Your auto accident lawyer can ensure you get compensation for lost wages and salaries caused by not being able to work.

The insurance company is downplaying your injuries: No matter what insurers say or do, their business is all about profits. Your interests, whether legal, financial, or medical, come second. Their goal is to compensate claimants by offering the least possible settlement. Getting a car accident lawyer will ensure that your best interests are represented. A lawyer will also make sure the insurer does not downplay your interests.

The insurer and the at-fault party transfer the blame on you: This can very confusing and frustrating to deal with. Insurance companies (and their lawyers) may attempt to transfer the blame to you by claiming that your injuries did not result from the accident or that you failed to report the incident soon enough. This is how they try to make you settle for less or avoid being accountable.

How to Select a Suitable Attorney

When it comes to choosing a San Pedro car accident attorney, not just any will do. Preferably, you should go for a knowledgeable, reputable, and approachable attorney. When deciding which law firm to consult or hire for your accident claim, we suggest you look for the following characteristics:

  • The law firm knows about the type of injury you have
  • A significant percentage of the cases they deal with are personal injury, specifically car accidents
  • They show you that your case matters
  • Their primary focus is your health and wellbeing
  • They offer free consultations

You may have suffered major or minor injuries resulting from a motor accident. At McDonald Worley, our experienced car accident attorneys provide free, no-risk consultation services. Call 877-721-3423 or contact us online to schedule your free case review today.


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