What Victims Should Know About Commercial Truck Accidents

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Commercial truck accidents are one of the leading causes of catastrophic injuries and vehicle accidents across the country.

Commercial truck accidents lead to a much higher risk for severe injury, paralysis or death because of the weight and size of a typically loaded commercial truck.

A commercial truck, transporting hazardous materials or cargo that is not properly secured, may add additional safety risks. Furthermore, other passengers and vehicles that were not immediately involved in the first round of the crash may be caught in a pileup accident. Those victims who have been hurt in commercial truck accidents may be well within their rights to pursue a personal injury claim.

Any accident with a big rig or a semi-truck will present you with unique issues, such as the identification of liable parties. A person who is injured by an at fault semi-truck driver, may be able to receive a settlement outside of court, depending on the severity of the case. The proper illustration of injury severity and lifelong impact will have a big influence on whether or not they can recover funds.

State and Federal Regulations about Commercial Truck Accidents

Semi-truck operators, manufacturers and owners have a responsibility to follow a broad range of state as well as federal regulations. These include how many hours a driver can operate the truck without getting rest, how much weight can be hauled by a major truck, and the quality control and repair.

In an accident in which the plaintiff is not categorized as at-fault, there’s a good chance that someone violated one or more statutes.

Commercial truck accidents often warrant comprehensive investigations in order to identify these issues. State and federal regulations may also intersect with the insurance issues within a case. A defendant in these types of cases may be limited to settle to the amount they can afford, such as the maximum amount covered by the insurance company.

When there are multiple defendants involved in legal claims regarding commercial truck accidents, they may all have some responsibility for paying damages to the plaintiff or they might only be held accountable for any damage they directly caused. For example, a driver who falls asleep behind the wheel may share some responsibility for the crash with the maker of a defective part that caused him or her to lose control of the vehicle altogether.

a tractor trailer accident lawsuit can help victimsCommercial truck accidents are often complicated because of the many issues that intersect with regulations, insurance requirements, the determination of liability and the severe injuries often tied to victims.

If it is not clear just how much each defendant may be at fault, a manufacturer may be held responsible to pay greater than its half of damages, if the driver does not have assets or insurance to cover their portion.

Settlements might be harder to obtain in these types of cases, however, having legal representation is extremely important for the victim in any commercial truck accident.

Anyone who is hurt in commercial truck accidents should consider hiring a lawyer with extensive experience in this field and a willingness to conduct an investigation immediately. The experienced attorneys at McDonald Worley are on hand to help.