What Do You Do if You Suffer a Slip and Fall in a Public Place in Houston?

Nobody likes to suffer a slip and fall. Not only can it be embarrassing – it can also be painful. Even if your fall is minor, you can suffer some pretty painful injuries. When this happens at a department store, you know what you’re supposed to do. You file an accident report with the store manager and get treated for your injuries. Then, your personal injury lawyer in the Houston, TX area will file a claim against the company’s insurance company.

But what happens when you fall in a public place? This can make it a lot more difficult to recover for your injuries. The good news is that the case will proceed pretty much the same as it would if you were suing a private company. However, like it or not, the court is going to have a bias in favor of the government.

Your Houston personal injury attorney has experience handling cases just like this. Over their career, they’ve had to file lawsuits against the local government. They still have to prove the same thing no matter who the defendant is. But going up against the government can be intimidating. This is why you should call and talk to an experienced Houston personal injury lawyer right away.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Call a Skilled Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

If you fall in a government building, you don’t want to wait too long to hire a lawyer. You are going to need to make sure your claim is handled properly from the start. If you file the wrong paperwork, your claim can be denied. If you wait too long to file your claim, it can be denied. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Texas knows the rules. They’ll make sure your claim meets all of the legal requirements.

You also want to make sure the government takes your claim seriously. If they don’t think you are represented by a lawyer, they may try to take advantage of you. They could deny your claim. Or, they may offer you a lowball settlement hoping that you’re desperate for the money. Your Houston personal injury lawyer won’t let this happen.

Once the city sees that you have a lawyer, they’ll take you a bit more seriously. They’ll negotiate with your attorney to try to settle your claim. They’ll also be less likely to dismiss your claim as a nuisance or frivolous lawsuit.

There May Be a Bias in Favor of the Government

Whether it seems fair or not, when you sue the government, the law is always going to be in their favor. However, if your Houston injury lawyer can prove negligence on the part of the city, you should be able to recover damages.

In order to prove negligence, your attorney will have to demonstrate four (4) things:

  • The government owed you a duty of care – This won’t be hard to prove. The government is required to make sure their buildings are safe and clean.
  • They breached this duty of care – You’ll have to show that they neglected their duty. This could be done by showing that there was an unsafe condition in their building.
  • You were injured – As long as you went to the hospital immediately following your accident, you should be able to prove your injuries. Your Houston injury lawyer will submit copies of your medical records as proof.
  • Your injuries were caused by the government’s breach of duty – If you can show that the unsafe condition was the direct cause of your fall, you should satisfy this requirement.

What Kinds of Damages Can Your Attorney Demand if You Suffer a Slip and Fall?

If you suffer a slip and fall, you may be entitled to damages. Some of the things your attorney will demand in your personal injury case include the following:

  • Medical Bills: You can demand compensation for any out of pocket medical bills you had to pay. This includes hospital bills, prescriptions costs and medical equipment fees.
  • Lost Wages: If your injuries are serious, you may miss weeks or even months from work. The defendant should have to cover these damages.
  • Pain and Suffering: Accident victims tend to suffer a good deal of physical and mental anguish. You can demand compensation for this.

If you’re hurt in a slip and fall case, contact a Houston personal injury attorney right away. Call and schedule your free initial consultation today.


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