Should I File a Risperdal Lawsuit?

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Risperdal, a drug developed to treat schizophrenia in adults, was approved for use in children and widely prescribed in the late 1990s and early 2000s; however, these children, now adults, complain of severe side effects and are increasingly taking legal action against drug makers.

Thousands of young adults have filed Risperdal lawsuits against drug makers, including Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, and Bayer, after discovering that the drug can lead to the development of female breast tissue. Risperdal side effects also include weight gain, involuntary tremors, diabetes, and lethargy.

The most severe side effect is gynecomastia, or irreversible breast growth in boys and young girls, requiring painful surgery to remove. Further exacerbating the problem is another side effect of the drug, weight gain, that disguised the problem.

Risperdal lawsuits allege that drug makers knew, but failed to disclose the risk of these side effects when applying for FDA approval of the drug for use in children and teens.

When the drug maker successfully convinced the agency to widen approval of Risperdal to treat mental health problems and behavioral issues in children, Risperdal lawsuits allege that they deliberately withheld and misconstrued evidence of the severe side effects of the drug.

If you or a loved one are suffering side effects after taking Risperdal, it is important to talk to your doctor. If you stop taking the drug you can go into withdrawal – your doctor can help reduce your dosage and record your side effects.

Risperdal Lawsuits

Those who have suffered severe side effects after taking the drug should also consider filing a Risperdal lawsuit.

Since 2012, Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay billions for falsely marketing Risperdal and related drugs. Thousands of Risperdal lawsuits have been filed against drug makers and these cases are making their way through the court system.

A number of studies have been published connecting Risperdal to the abnormal development of breast tissue as well as other side effects. The drug works by altering brain chemistry and the production of hormones. Risperdal lawsuits allege that drug makers knew or should have known of these side effects, but failed to warn doctors and patients.

Adults who took Risperdal as children may have to deal with those side effects, including enlarged breasts or painful surgery to remove breast tissue and permanent disfigurement, as well as the emotional trauma of their experience that they will have to carry the rest of their lives.

side-effectsIt is important for individuals who took the drug and suspect they are or have suffered from side effects to be aware that a statute of limitations, or deadline, may apply to the legal claims in their case.

The statute of limitations on a Risperdal lawsuit depends on the state where the case will be litigated; however, it general does not start from when individuals began taking the drug as children, but when they turned 18.

Further, the deadline does not start until the plaintiff in a Risperdal lawsuit knew or reasonably should have known about the connection between the drug and the side effect.

In Texas, the statute of limitations is two years. That means that you have two years from when you discovered you were suffering side effects to initiate a Risperdal lawsuit.

The attorneys at McDonald Worley are investigating Risperdal lawsuits. If you suspect you are suffering from Risperdal side effects, consider contacting them immediately to ensure time doesn’t run out on your claim.