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A growing number of affected patients and their family members have come forward to file Risperdal lawsuits after patients sustained critical side effects.

Many of these have led to substantial Risperdal awards after arguing that the manufacturers of the drug failed to warn patients and physicians about the risks of gynecomastia and other potential symptoms.

The condition could impact one or both breasts. It is generally not a serious problem physically, although it can cause feelings of embarrassment and pain in the affected patient. The hormonal changes that can cause gynecomastia may also increase the man’s risk of breast cancer.

Even though most will not face long-term medical issues when developing gynecomastia, the risk of breast cancer may be five times as high for someone who has been diagnosed.

History of Risperdal Awards

A number of recent lawsuits have led to awards for affected victims. In addition to funds for medical treatments to manage the gynecomastia, juries may award funds to affected victims for their pain and suffering. Whether it comes in the form of a settlement or a jury award, the number of Risperdal awards are increasing in light of how many lawsuits have been filed recently.

Judge. Referee hammer and a man in judicial robesOne 2015 Risperdal award in Pennsylvania gave $500,000 to a 12-year-old boy who developed gynecomastia after using Risperdal.

That patient had enlarged male breasts and had to go through a double mastectomy in addition to suffering bullying and teasing about his condition.

Risperdal awards may be given to patients who have suffered severe side effects, the most common of which is gynecomastia, that have affected their future.

Another settlement involved more than $70 million to be paid by Johnson & Johnson to one male teenager who developed large breasts after taking Risperdal. A teenager in Tennessee received this Risperdal award from a Pennsylvania state court jury. In that case, Johnson & Johnson was accused of failing to properly warn patients that Risperdal could cause gynecomastia.

The jury also identified that in these cases, the company destroyed falsified or concealed records regarding information that Risperdal could cause boys to develop breasts. An Alabama man had previously received the largest award prior to that case of more than $2.5 million who sued the manufacturer after developing size 46 DD breasts.

Drug induced gynecomastia, a diagnosis which is common in these types of settlement awards, often requires surgery to correct which carries its own set of unique risks. The number of Risperdal awards being given by juries is increasing in recent years as boys who have taken the anti-psychotic drug for autism or other mental issues have developed breasts.

Unfortunately, those young men who developed gynecomastia because of Risperdal may have to file a legal claim to recover compensation. The physical and emotional challenges can have a major impact not just on the young man but on his family members, too.

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