How to Proceed with a Car Accident Insurance Claim

Being injured in an accident is an unfortunate experience and one that requires that you file a car accident insurance claim in a timely fashion.

Trying to manage a car accident insurance claim on your own is not always easy but if you suffered property damage or personal injury in a crash, you may be curious about who you can hire to assist you.

Avoid the Stress of Your Car Accident Insurance Claim by Getting Help 

You don’t want to have to handle all aspects of an injury claim on your own.

There are many different roles that a lawyer can play as it relates to resolving your car accident insurance claim. These can include:

  • Gathering and organizing medical bills and records
  • Communicating with any health care providers about missing records
  • Getting the necessary evidence regarding who may be held responsible for the accident
  • Communicating with the other driver’s insurance company about the car accident insurance claim
  • Presenting evidence in order to illustrate damages and liability
  • Negotiating with any lien holders on your behalf
  • Negotiating a satisfactory settlement with the insurance adjuster or the defense attorney for the at-fault party

The lawyer plays a crucial role in your car accident insurance claim with regard to opening up a line of communication. The insurance adjuster plays an important role in the conclusion of your insurance claim so having a lawyer who has successfully worked with these individuals before can give you a lot of peace of mind.

It is necessary for your lawyer to have good communications and a good relationship with the adjuster throughout the duration of your car accident insurance claim.

Your lawyer will also be instrumental in pulling together the necessary evidence to illustrate fault and the severity of your injuries. Both of these items will have a major impact on the outcome of your car accident insurance claim. The lawyer will be responsible for gathering all of the accident reports including information from the police, statements from eyewitnesses, and possible testimony from accident reconstruction specialists.

Your lawyer will assist you throughout your car accident insurance claim by keeping you informed about the status of your case and any updates from the insurance company such as the suggestion of a settlement.

When you have suffered critical injuries in conjunction with a vehicle accident, you need to have all documentation associated with your injuries but it is not always easy to obtain this on your own when you are in the midst of medical treatment.

This is where your lawyer steps in to help you get the necessary bills and records from the health care providers and to put these together in an organized fashion. Some doctors’ offices may not have the time or the staff ability to respond to medical records requests in a timely manner.

car-accident-claimYour lawyer steps in to organize all of this information and to keep in touch with any providers that have not complied yet with your requests for information.

Having the right attorney on your side throughout your car accident insurance claim can lead to a much faster and stress-free settlement.

A lawyer who keeps you informed with good communication as the case moves on will also be instrumental in allowing you to make informed decisions about your own future.

A car accident insurance claim can be overwhelming, complex and confusing for someone who has not worked through this process before, but the right attorney who has handled many cases like this will make it much easier to understand.

If you’ve recently been hurt in an accident and you need assistance with your car insurance claim, contact the experienced attorneys at McDonald Worley.


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