How to Avoid a Serious Big Rig Accident

Despite your best efforts, you still may find yourself in the midst of a big rig accident.

A big rig accident can have life-altering implications and it is well worth doing everything you can to avoid the serious consequences of being hurt in such an accident.

Semi truck accidents often involve catastrophic injuries from which the victim may never be able to fully recover. Unfortunately, these types of accidents are extremely destructive and are often deadly.

Tips for Avoiding Big Rig Accidents

Far too often, a big rig accident is caused by the truck driver’s error. There are several different tips that drivers can implement in order to avoid being involved in such an accident.

The first of these is to avoid driving in a truck driver’s blind spots. A truck driver has many blind spots that are bigger than a passenger vehicle, meaning that the driver cannot see around or behind them.

The person operating the truck may not be able to see you in a passenger vehicle in this area.

The second way to avoid a big rig accident is to leave more space between you and a tractor trailer.

These vehicles often need more space to change lanes, to merge and to carry out other maneuvers. To minimize the chances of a big rig accident, stay out of blind spots, never cut a truck off and avoid tailgating.

These tips in and of themselves can help you to avoid the serious consequences of a wreck.

Another thing to do when sharing the road with a tractor trailer is to be aware of turns. Tractor trailers make extremely wide turns, particularly when they are going right.

When a semi truck is preparing to turn right, you should always avoid moving your vehicle. Being to the right of the tractor trailer could put you in a dangerous position and could lead to a catastrophic accident.

When operators are unable to see what is on their right, attempting to drive in this space can cause your vehicle to be crushed or pinched as the truck does make the turn.

Make sure that you give a big rig operator plenty of space and time to complete their turn.

Another common way to avoid a big rig accident is to pass a semi truck very carefully.

You should always do this quickly and do so on the left. The biggest blind spot for a commercial truck is on the right so it is important to make sure that you only pass on the left.

Another way to avoid the serious consequences of a big rig accident is to refuse to engage in distracted driving.

texting truckers may cause accidentAll too often, big rig accidents today are tied to distracted driving but it is important to realize that it is not just tractor trailer drivers who may be distracted behind the wheel.

You should always proceed safely around and near semi trucks and pay attention, while avoiding distractions that could lead to carelessness.

Driving while talking, being distracted by your phone, eating food, or trying to apply makeup or engage in other grooming activities could put you at risk of an accident.

It is your responsibility as a driver to do everything possible to avoid a big rig accident but when this is impossible and you are seriously hurt as a result of a driver who was not safely proceeding on the road, you may be eligible to pursue a personal injury claim.

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