How Much Do Attorneys Charge For Car Accident Injury Cases?

There is no one fixed dollar amount that every lawyer charges for a car accident claim. But, it’s normal for a lot of Houston car accident attorneys to follow a similar fee structure when working on a case. This post will cover how much lawyers generally charge for car accident claims.

If you were harmed in an auto wreck (or some other kind of accident) caused by another person, having a skilled lawyer can certainly help your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. Scheduling a case evaluation can give you a good idea of how the attorney works and what their fee structure is.

How Attorney Contingency Fees Work

Thankfully, a lot of auto injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis when billing for their services. This is unique to personal injury attorneys and makes the situation very safe for the client.

A contingency fee means the lawyer will not make money until they win the case. Then, if they do earn money for the client, the attorney gets paid in the form of:

  • A percentage of the settlement amount from a car accident case or
  • A portion of what’s granted by a judge or jury in court

Contingency fees can be quite beneficial due to the fact that they help guarantee the lawyer has your best interests at heart. Acquiring a reasonable settlement in the case helps both parties because you have a good chance of financial recovery, and your attorney has a higher likelihood of earning a chunk of what they win. The lawyer is literally “contingent” on a positive outcome in the case.

The Contingency Fee for Houston Car Accident Attorneys

You might think this all sounds pretty good, but you’re still questioning just how much lawyers require for accident claims. The typical contingency fee for an auto accident attorney is generally between 33.3% to 40% of the settlement deal. The cost can be different because of the attorney’s individual guidelines and quality of service.

Most Houston car accident attorneys will utilize a percentage range for their contingency fees based upon how long it takes to get the case settled. For instance:

  • If the case is resolved before the client needs to file a lawsuit, the charge will be closer to one-third of the settlement.
  • If the client needs to file a lawsuit, or mediation or arbitration is required, the typical fee is closer to 40% because of the extra time, money, and resources involved.

According to the American Bar Association, getting more involved in your case can, in some cases, help reduce your overall expenses. However, this is something you have to go over with your attorney directly.

How Does Your Lawyer Get Paid If They Settle Your Claim?

The law firm will normally receive your settlement check directly if your lawyer is successful and wins you a settlement for your claim. This way, the lawyer can take out their percentage for their professional services.

After they get your settlement check, your attorney will contact you and let you know. They will then provide you with an itemized list containing their fees and any other costs or charges associated with the case. Those will be taken out, and you will then receive the remaining balance from your settlement.

This method works very well for most clients because it helps you to get paid without the need to worry about paying your attorney out of pocket– and there’s no reason to stress about costs or charges while the case is taking place.

How to Know if a Car Accident Attorney Is Worth the Cost

You might wonder if what a lawyer charges for your case is truly worth it. It’s a concern that lots of injured people have. While any injured person is able to handle their case by themselves, we don’t often recommend it. After an accident, you will be going up against the insurance company. Insurance companies know what they are doing, and they have figured out that the majority of accident victims are uninformed about how the legal aspects of how the insurance claim process works.

The insurance company will try to persuade you that you are worthy of a much lower settlement than you genuinely deserve. One wrong move can leave countless dollars on the table. However, getting a knowledgeable and thoughtful attorney on your side means you will have someone who understands how to get you the best offer they can.

A good standard rule is that the more serious your injuries and your case, the greater need you have for an auto accident lawyer. That’s because the stakes are higher– you can miss out on a lot of money that you might need to recover.

Call the Skilled Houston Car Accident Attorneys at McDonald Worley Today

There is no rule that states you have to work with a car accident attorney. You can certainly handle the case on your own. If you want to maximize the odds of getting full compensation for your injuries, you may want to contact an experienced car accident law firm in Houston, TX. Call McDonald Worley today so you can set up a time as soon as you can. You can discuss your case with a lawyer and have a free case evaluation.

Even if you choose not to pursue your case, your lawyer can explain the legal process for you. This way, you can make an informed decision as to how best to continue. The consultation costs you absolutely nothing, but it can make a world of difference.


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