Why Are Motorcycle Accidents So Dangerous?

Attorneys that deal with Houston motorcycle accidents will tell you that these types of accidents often have serious injuries. This is because motorcyclists have little if any protection. While they should wear helmets and protective gear, there’s only so much that can be done when a person on a motorcycle is hit by another vehicle traveling at 60 miles per hour. When you look at it, it’s very common sense. There is no protection of metal encasing or anything else that a car, truck, or SUV gives its passenger.

Drivers Look for Cars, not People

There is some psychological element that causes vehicle drivers to look for cars specifically. They often will overlook motorcyclists, and occasionally pedestrians when they’re traveling at speeds that only seem fit for another vehicle. While motorcyclists seem to bob and weave throughout traffic, that’s often not the case.

When a standard vehicle driver says, “that rider came out of nowhere,” to them, that was the real situation. However, the actuality of it is that you were right there, not in their blind spot, doing the speed limit, and in plain view.

You Go Down

In a car, an impact simply means that there’s some crumpled metal or plastic. Whereas a motorcyclist usually has to plan and execute a safe fall. Most drivers can’t imagine having to try to go through those motions during a crash. Motorcyclists should, but again, it’s a tense situation. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get back up again when you hit the road.

There are safe ways to fall, but this is still something that no vehicle driver ever has to think about when they’re in a crash.

Motorcycle Safety Laws in Houston

Texas is one of the states that allow motorcycle riders to ride without a helmet. If you’re over 21 and have completed a safety course, then you don’t need a helmet. However, you do need to notify your insurance provider that you ride without a helmet and that you’ve completed the safety course.

The state, however, does offer tips that riders should wear a helmet, and any additional protective gear. They also offer the advice that you should always ride with your headlights on, and to avoid the center of the lane.

The Texas Department of Transportation or TxDOT has a statewide program to boost awareness of motorcyclists on the road and the steps you can take to be safer.

Finding an Injury Lawyer that Deals with Houston Motorcycle Accidents

Not all car accident attorneys or personal injury lawyers will help a motorcyclist. There’s a large percentage of the population that believes that motorcyclists knowingly put themselves at risk whenever they ride. But that’s true for anyone getting into a vehicle. Humans simply weren’t made to travel at these high-speeds or in vehicles, but here we are doing it multiple times a day.

After an accident, you’ll need to start shopping around for an attorney that will take your case. For many injured motorcyclists, this is especially difficult. You may be in the hospital, trying to recover, and already feeling the heat from insurance companies to resolve the claim quickly.

Don’t fall prey to the bad conduct of an insurance company. You took the same risk that anyone else does getting into a car. If anything, riding a motorcycle is such a risk because of other drivers who fail to look for others on the road.  Most Houston motorcycle accidents or crashes happen in intersections and when drivers are changing lanes, not when riders are changing lanes.

When looking for a motorcyclist-friendly attorney, try to find someone that will work with you around other areas of your life. Dates for rehabilitation, doctors appointments, and more can all make it difficult to schedule meetings with an attorney or your insurance company. You need an assertive attorney who will work in your best interest and know that they need to include you in every step of the process.

Interview Accident Attorneys in Houston, TX

When talking to a motorcycle accident attorney in Houston, TX, you need to find someone who genuinely has your best interest in mind. Of course, you don’t want an attorney who will bleed your compensation check dry, but also don’t want someone who will talk you into taking something further than it should go. Often cases for Houston motorcycle accidents don’t need to go to court but instead need a skilled negotiator.

Talk to the attorneys at McDonald Worley to learn more about what you can or can’t include in your claim, as well as the likelihood of a good financial recovery. Working with an experienced car accident law firm is often a major part of the resolution process for motorcyclists recovering from these dangerous accidents.


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