Should I Hire an Attorney to file a Risperdal Lawsuit?

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If you or anyone you know has developed significant side effects about which you were not warned due to a medication, you probably have questions about your legal rights. The development of gynecomastia can be an embarrassing and frustrating situation for a child, young adult, or adult male who was not properly informed of the risks when taking the antipsychotic drug Risperdal.

A Risperdal lawsuit may be most appropriate for someone who has sustained severe side effects, such as development of breast tissue. A Risperdal lawsuit can hold the manufacturer responsible for failing to warn patients about the risks and may entitle someone to recover compensation if the lawsuit is successful.

Who is Eligible to File a Risperdal Lawsuit?

Many men who have been prescribed the medication Risperdal and developed breast enlargement may be interested in filing a Risperdal lawsuit. Gynecomastia, or sudden breast growth, has affected many patients who have taken Risperdal for a mental illness diagnosis.

A small number of Risperdal breast growth cases have already been settled in 2016 by Johnson & Johnson. However, no wide-reaching settlements have yet been obtained, prompting patients to ask whether or not it makes sense to file a Risperdal lawsuit. The drug maker is accused of inadequately warning that the use of this medication could lead to male breast growth.

side effects of RisperdalDoctors and patients allege that they were never informed of the significant risk for men to develop breast growth or gynecomastia while taking Risperdal use.

Some of the factors that influence the ultimate settlements and awards have to do with the impact of the Risperdal breast growth on a boy’s life including the duration and extent of the injury suffered, any lost earning capacity or lost wages, as well as the pain and mental anguish suffered by someone who had to file a Risperdal lawsuit.

While some Risperdal side effects can be serious, the information about such risks should always be included on the label so that the patient and doctor can make an informed decision. Many patients now bringing lawsuits believe they were never appropriately warned that they could develop gynecomastia simply by taking the medication.

What You Should Know About Use of Risperdal

The antipsychotic medication was initially approved to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in adults and adolescents. It has also since been used to treat irritability in young children who have autism between the ages of five and 16.

Court records and studies, however, have connected Risperdal to the development of movement disorders, diabetes and gynecomastia since it was initially approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1993. Those patients who have been significantly injured due to the side effects have started filing their own Risperdal lawsuit in various states.

Some of the most common symptoms of the development of gynecomastia includes swollen breast tissue, pain in the breast, tenderness in the breast and nipple discharge from one or both breasts.

An experienced attorney can assist you with identifying whether or not you have grounds to file a Risperdal lawsuit. Consulting with the lawyers at McDonald Worley can be valuable for determining your eligibility to file.