Can I Receive Compensation For Pain and Suffering After My Car Accident in Houston, TX?

When you sustain injuries following an accident in Houston, TX, you may also suffer excruciating pain as a result. From fractures and burns to internal bleeding and possible amputations, these injuries can leave you in long-term or recurrent pain.  One of the duties of your Houston automobile accident attorney is for you to be compensated for pain and suffering.

Car accident injuries can significantly alter the quality of your life and the lives of those around you. It is one thing to suffer from the financial repercussions of a car accident in Houston, TX. It is entirely another to bear the pain of suffering from such injuries as you live from day to day.

While monetary, verifiable losses are considered compensable, can you also seek for compensation for your pain and suffering?

The answer is, yes.

A car accident lawyer in Houston can assist you in filing for compensatory damages on financial and non-financial losses. While no monetary amount will ever fully compensate for all your losses, the compensation can help you move forward.

As early as possible, you must rely on a trusted Houston automobile accident attorney to help with your claim.

From a Car Accident Lawyer in Houston: Receiving Compensation for Pain and Suffering in Houston, TX

Essentially there are several types of compensation which you may receive after a car accident in Houston, TX. These are economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages.

When you consult with a Houston automobile accident attorney, your initial concern may be on economic or financial damages. Following the accident, you will have incurred monetary losses and may seek to be compensated for these. Included in these financial losses are hospitalization expenses, loss in earnings, property damage, and others.

In addition to helping you with financial damages, your car accident lawyer in Houston can also assist with non-economic losses.  These are subjective losses that may accompany your physical and/or financial losses. Examples include pain and suffering, mental anguish, psychological trauma, loss of quality of life, and others. Compared to financial losses, non-economic losses are typically more difficult to quantify.

Punitive damages are brought about by actions that involve gross negligence or malicious intent in Houston, TX. This compensation serves to punish the wrongdoer or the liable vehicle driver in the case of a car accident.

How Can Your Car Accident Lawyer in Houston Help with Non-Economic Damages?

Given the subjective nature of non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, sufficient legal help should be your priority. An important thing which your Houston automobile accident attorney can do is help prove your suffering or agony in court. Although it may be easy to detect your physical injuries, your suffering may not be entirely visible to others. A car accident lawyer in Houston can help you procure sufficient evidence, such as medical records, that support your claim.

There is a limit, moreover, as to the amount you can claim as non-economic damages in the state of Texas. If you’re filing for a claim in Houston, TX, knowledge of these amount caps is crucial. This will help you present a claim that also considers existing guidelines within the state.

A Houston personal injury attorney can review these important parameters with you, to ensure that you don’t go beyond limits.

Finally, a car accident lawyer in Houston can assist you in observing the Texas statute of limitations. This statute of limitations refers to the deadlines in filing for economic and non-economic claims. Your Houston automobile accident attorney will advise for you to file the claim within two years.

There are clear disadvantages when you file your claim beyond the two-year deadline in Houston, TX. The court may no longer accommodate your claim, placing your ability to recover for damages at risk. This is one of the reasons why it pays to rely on a trustworthy car accident lawyer in Houston. Your lawyer can look out for these crucial dates and other crucial requirements as you recuperate from your injuries.

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It is always possible for your pain and suffering to be quantified and compensated after an accident in Houston, TX. To ensure a fair recovery on losses, you need to trust in a dependable car accident lawyer in Houston.

At McDonald Worley, we have the Houston automobile accident attorney for you. Whether you need compensation for serious financial losses or for pain and suffering, we can help. Get in touch us at the McDonald Worley Law Office today.


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