What Are the Top Common Causes of Car Accidents?

Unfortunately, car accidents are not uncommon. As many Texas car wreck attorneys will tell you, crashes happen all the time. In 2009 alone, there was nearly 11 million car accidents in America. That’s a record number of accidents. Chances are the numbers are higher now, because since then the country’s population has grown.

Sure, there is technology that’s supposed to make driving safer, but car accidents still occur. There are many reasons why car accidents occur, and it is important to understand what the most common causes are. By knowing what the common causes are, you’ll be in a better position to prevent accidents.

Generally speaking, car accidents fall under two broad categories when it comes to what causes them. Driver error is one of the categories and the second category covers everything else. There are many studies out there that state that driver error is the top cause of car accidents throughout America.

Driver Error: What Causes It

There are many types of driving behaviors that can cause accidents to occur. Distracted driving is without a doubt one of the most common errors that drivers make. The National Safety Council says that 25% of car crashes in America are due to drivers being on their cell phones, either talking on them or texting with them.

This could be the case due to the myth of multitasking. There are several studies out there that have shown that the brain is not capable of performing two essential/important tasks at a single time. Instead, the brain engages in what is known as micro-tasking, which means that our brains handle one task at a time, while switching back and forth between multiple tasks.

When the brain focuses on several tasks, it cannot process all of the info coming in. In turn, it only processes some of the information. This results in people thinking they are able to handle both tasks effectively and with ease. However, the truth is that not all of the tasks are being dealt with effectively.

Attempting to multitask affects our driving in various ways. Let’s start off by saying that the chances of avoiding a hazard while driving largely depends on the ability to initially perceive it, and then taking the right course of action to prevent the hazard. Whether or not a driver responds properly can mean the difference between causing an accident, or avoiding one altogether.

If a driver is multitasking, such as playing with the radio or texting, then their brain is probably not going to spot hazards in time. By the time they do perceive a hazard, it could be too late. In turn, a serious accident can occur.

There are other types of driver-based decisions that cause accidents, and they are similar to distractions. Some statistics show that alcohol was a major factor in car accident deaths. If a driver decides to consume alcohol and then operate a vehicle, this will result in poor vision and delayed reaction time. It also leads to poor decision making.

Driving while tired has similar effects to driving under the influence of alcohol. Tired drivers are at a high chance of falling asleep behind the wheel. Not only that, but their reaction times won’t be as fast. Furthermore, a drunk driver or tired driver are also more likely to miss a traffic light or signal, such as a stop sign, when compared to drivers who are sober and alert.

Another common driver error is speeding, which many young drivers take part in. The CDC states that younger drivers, particularly teens, are more likely to speed than adult drivers. Not only that, but male teen drivers are more likely to speed than female teen drivers.

Furthermore, the least experienced drivers are also likely to be the ones speeding. This means they are not as well equipped to deal with hazards while driving at high speeds. The bottom line is poor decision making can lead to driving fast, which in turn can lead to an accident occurring.

Causes of Accidents That Aren’t Related to Driver Error

There are several non-driver related causes, with one being the actual condition of the roads. Car accidents can occur when roads are not properly maintained. For example, roads that aren’t maintained properly can be difficult to drive on and they can make it hard for vehicles to stop in an emergency.

Weather conditions can cause car accidents too. Snow, rain, ice, and so forth, can cause roads to become slippery. In turn, driving conditions can be impacted. Weather can affect your vision too, especially snow, rain, or fog.

The condition of your car can also play a role in accidents. If your car isn’t well-maintained, such as having poor brakes or tires that are not inflated properly, then you might not be able to stop properly or suddenly in the event of an emergency. Some mechanical problems can impair your ability to steer the car, and this too can lead to an accident.

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