What Causes Motorcycle Accidents?

Blind spots, drivers not looking before they change lanes, and stopping suddenly can all lead to motorcycle accidents in Las Vegas. The problem is that many standard passenger drivers believe that the motorcyclists are at fault because they’re taking a greater risk by riding a motorcycle. That’s not usually true, and it puts a lot of motorcycle accident victims in a position where they can’t fight for full compensation.

With the many causes of motorcycle accidents, the best that any rider could do is to be prepared for the inevitable. Eventually, everyone gets into an accident, and hopefully, when that happens, you’re driving your standard vehicle, but in the event that it happens while you’re out for a ride, you can understand the different types of accidents and the different injuries that might happen in each event.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle wreck, you may need to hire a Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle or Bike Blind

How many drivers unknowingly are motorcycle or bike blind? What that means is that they did check their blind spots, they did look in the mirrors, and they simply didn’t see you. It’s a common phenomenon because when drivers look in their mirrors, they’re looking for other vehicles and occasionally checking for pedestrians. What they’re not looking for is motorcycles, and it’s because so few people ride motorcycles. They’re just not as common on streets and freeways as passenger vehicles and big rigs.

Usually, getting hit in a bike blind situation means that the car struck the motorcycle from the side. Side hits often lead to the rider coming away from the bike, which means an even more dangerous situation. When a rider comes off of their motorcycle, they’re often traveling without much protection at all and could hit a fixed object leading to extensive blunt force trauma head injuries and Traumatic Brain Injury.

When you see a motorcycle blind accident coming, the best you can do is avoid a crash or lessen the blow by trying to stay onto the bike and perform the safest maneuvers possible. To learn how to safely put down your bike and avoid many of these bike blind accidents, motorcycle defensive driving courses are available, and some might even help to reduce the cost of insurance.

Aggressive Motorcyclists

It’s true that some motorcyclists aren’t the safest of drivers and that they can cause accidents involving passenger vehicle drivers and other motorcyclists. Aggressive motorcyclists will often weave throughout lanes dangerously, drive at excessive speeds, and even attempt deadly stunts to gathering attention.

When you see aggressive motorcyclists on the road, the best that you can do is try and avoid them. Typically keep a few lanes and more than a few vehicle distances between you and this other rider.

Even minor traffic infractions like rolling through a stop sign, which seems like an open opportunity. This can cause a major collision with a motorcyclist and can lead to major injuries. What happens most often with motorcycle accidents that involve traffic infractions on the part of the passenger vehicle driver is that everyone within the vehicle is usually fine, and the motorcyclist is usually left with severe injuries and long-term medical treatment.

Not Adhering to Basic Traffic Laws

Just like standard vehicle drivers and truckers, motorcyclists are also always at risk of other people simply not following the rules. What that typically means for motorcycles is changing lanes or changing speed without reason and following too closely. The damage of following too closely to a motorcycle versus a standard car is astronomical.

For example, if a motorcyclist is going along at the speed limit say 45 mph and another vehicle behind them is traveling at about the same rate but much too close to stop, there’s a problem.  When. Both need to stop; the car will hit the of the back of the motorcycle, sending the rider flying off the bike or lunging the motorcycle forward.

McDonald Worley Helps Victims of Motorcycle Accidents in Las Vegas

A motorcycle accident law firm in Las Vegas can help you recover in regard to your finance. They provide services such as handling your claim, and a go sheeting settlement also provides access to resources that you otherwise might not be able to reach. Crash recreation expert’s injury experts and medical billing and courts can help real damage of this one accident how it’s changed your life.

To get started on your claim, and that means looking forward to things like paying your medical bills and possibly replacing motorcycle, you need to contact a local attorney. A local attorney at McDonald Worley can help you with your motorcycle accident recovery by providing legal services and guidance on how to manage your insurance claim and handle the insurance from the other driver.


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