Explosion at Houston Manufacturing Facility Rocks Residents

In the early morning hours of Friday, 1/24/20, an enormous explosion at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing, located at 4525 Gessner Rd. in northwest Houston left two people dead and a debris field a potential mile wide. The force of the explosion shattered glass, smashed garage doors, collapsed ceilings and pushed homes off of their foundations. While there is no current indication that foul play was involved, an investigation is yet to begin, as crews are waiting on small fires to burn themselves out. Emergency shelters have been set up in the area for people whose homes were damaged. 

According to police chief Art Acevedo, the “site is essentially a disaster area” and residents are being asked to check their property for any debris from the blast, including wrongful deaths. While there is no mandatory evacuation order in place at this time, residents are being advised to avoid the area so that emergency response crews can assess the damage. Propolyene was also leaking from the site after the explosion but authorities have since turned it off and currently, there are no indications of air quality issues. 

If you were affected by this explosion, contact McDonald Worley today. Our Houston explosion attorneys are here to help you recover from this traumatic event and get your life back to a sense of normalcy. We are local Houston residents who care deeply about the communities that we live & work in. Our Houston explosion lawyers have years of experience in helping victims of catastrophic events get back on their feet and are waiting to take your call.


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