Excessive Vaginal Bleeding Allegations Made in Xarelto Injury Lawsuit

The number of Xarelto lawsuits has increased in recent years, as more patients come forward with claims of serious side effects such as excessive vaginal bleeding and more. A North Carolina woman has filed a Xarelto injury lawsuit against the manufacturers of the drug. She claims that they knew about the serious risks of bleeding for patients, but failed to make the medical community aware. As argued in the excessive vaginal bleeding claim, plaintiff Monique T. suffered these side effects without ever being warned what to expect.

The plaintiff in the excessive vaginal bleeding case was prescribed in 2016. Just a few days after beginning to take the medication, she was hospitalized in Maryland and diagnosed with excessive vaginal bleeding at that time. Ultimately, that condition prompted her to file a Xarelto injury lawsuit.

In order to treat the excessive vaginal bleeding, Monique was given a transfusion. The patient then stayed in the hospital for several days to recover. When she began to experience the side effects, she was told to discontinue use of the medication, which she did.

Xarelto is a widely-prescribed oral anticoagulant made by Janssen R & D. The medication is often given to patients to reduce the risk of systemic embolism and stroke in patients at risk for non-valvular atrial fibrillation, to treat pulmonary embolism, and for prophylaxis of DVT for patients planning hip or knee replacement surgery.

The plaintiff in this injury lawsuit says the makers of the drugs are responsible for damages owed to her as a result of this serious side effect. The plaintiff argues that she experienced surgical and medical expenses, serious physical pain and suffering, and loss of consortium.

The injury lawsuit lawsuit alleges that the studies used by the drug manufacturer to promote it’s effectiveness and overall safety were flawed in their design, leading regulators and the medical community to assume that was a good choice for use with patients.

side-effects Xarelto is a new form of an oral anticoagulant often marketed as a superior option than Warfarin.

Warfarin has been on the market for a long period of time, although studies shared in this most recent Xarelto injury lawsuit show that may not be a safe or effective option when compared with the industry standard of Warfarin.

The lawsuit, like many others filed by patients who have suffered serious side effects, says that the manufacturer’s willingness to rely on flawed studies put patients at risk.

According to the Xarelto injury lawsuit, the manufacturer should be held responsible for the pain and suffering and associated costs for the treatment of excessive vaginal bleeding.

Allegations against manufacturers of potentially dangerous drugs usually involve severe and unexpected side effects that require medical intervention.

The Excessive Vaginal Bleeding Lawsuit is Case No. 2:18-cv-01267-EEF-MBN, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

If you suffered excessive vaginal bleeding or other serious side effects, speak with an experienced attorney at McDonald Worley today about your rights.

Disclaimer: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit.


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