Dangers of Invokana Leg Amputation Prompts Lawsuit

An Invokana leg amputation lawsuit was filed by a woman who lost her right leg allegedly due to the side effects of Invokana.

The plaintiff in Tennessee alleges that she developed an infection due to taking Invokana that ultimately required the amputation of her right leg.

This reportedly led her to file an Invokana leg amputation product liability lawsuit as she claims that neither she nor her doctors were appropriately warned about the risk in order to make informed decisions about prescribing the drug.

The manufacturers of Invokana, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson, are accused of intentionally misrepresenting the side effects of Invokana, failing to warn patients and the medical community about the risk of kidney failure, diabetic ketoacidosis, amputation, sepsis and other injuries.

The plaintiff in the leg amputation lawsuit began taking the medication in 2014 for the primary purpose of treating her type-2 diabetes. In the fall of 2015 however, the plaintiff had developed multiple infections in her right leg as well as her foot and began wound treatment for diabetic ulcers and the infections.

In December 2015, the situation reportedly escalated to the point that her doctors required amputation. The plaintiff in the Invokana leg amputation lawsuit says that she now suffers with limited mobility and constant pain.

The Invokana leg amputation lawsuit states that the manufacturers oversold the benefits of Invokana and downplayed the possible health risks, including amputation. The lawsuit claims that they both exaggerated and misrepresented the effectiveness of Invokana.

Invokana Side Effects

Johnson & Johnson had to add a warning regarding diabetic ketoacidosis to Invokana in December 2015 based on an FDA decision. Diabetic ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that could lead to emergency treatment or even death if not captured quickly.

Prior to that update, consumers allege that the Invokana warnings did not appropriately alert consumers about the necessity of getting medical attention if they experienced symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis like nausea, abdominal pain, respiratory problems, fatigue or vomiting. In 2016, another label update was made to Invokana to disclose the link with kidney risks.

In 2017, the drug warning label had to be updated again with the risk of foot and leg amputation. The Invokana leg amputation lawsuit says that prior to that time, patients were exposed to an unreasonable risk of amputation and the associated infections and other side effects.

The most recent leg amputation lawsuit will be consolidated with others against the manufacturer which are currently pending in the federal court system. Those have been consolidated for the initial pre-trial proceedings in front of one judge in New Jersey.

The Invokana Leg Amputation Lawsuit is Case No. 3:18-CV-09318, in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.

If you’ve been seriously injured because of Invokana side effects, consult directly with the experienced attorneys at McDonald Worley to learn more about filing a claim today.

Disclaimer: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit.


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