Astroworld Concert Catastrophe Lawyer Filing Lawsuits Against Event Organizers for Wrongful Death and Injury Claims

Eight people died and many were injured during the November 5, 2021, Astroworld concert featuring artists Travis Scott and Aubrey “Drake” Graham. Astroworld injury lawyer McDonald Worley is providing immediate consultations to the families of loved ones that were killed at the Houston, TX event along with those that were injured. 

Ignored Risks and Concerns 

Prior to the November 5, 2021, show at NRG Park, near NRG Stadium and the Houston Astrodome, the artists, event organizers including Travis Scott and Live Nation, and the venue were aware that there were safety concerns due to the attendees’ behavior. Many attendees, some without tickets, rushed through security areas and checkpoints to enter the festival, ignoring the security that was present at the event. 

Before the concert began, a countdown clock alerted attendees to when Travis Scott would take the stage. According to witnesses, the closer it came to the start of the show, the more the crowd thrust towards the stage.

Many attendees collapsed while others struggled to breath. Some were lifted in the air and passed hand to hand over the top of the crowd in attempt to bring them to safety. Many concert goers attempted to alert event staff about what was happening, while others pleaded for medical attention, yet their cries for help and to stop the concert were ignored as the show continued. 

After artist Travis Scott took the stage, many reports indicate that the intensity of the crowd of over 50,000 attendees strengthened, with more and more attendees getting crushed, trampled and injured. Many were unable to leave the area due to the size and force of the crowd. 

Officials Declare the Performance a “Mass Casualty Event”

Reports say the rapper continued to perform even after seeing an ambulance drive into the crowd; at one point, witnesses say the rapper stated to the crowd that they would “make this (expletive) ground shake” and continued performing. While the crowd yelled for the performance to stop, it is unclear if the artist heard them. 

Medical personnel tended to concert goers on-site while others were transported to the hospital via ambulance. Eight attendees died and hundreds of others were injured. 

At 9:38 p.m. police declared the event a mass casualty; however, artist Travis Scott continued to perform for over 30 more minutes. 

Astroworld Attorney Filing Suit on Behalf of Victims

The Astroworld show is now one of the deadliest crowd control disasters at a concert in the United States in many years. Going to see your favorite artists should be a fun and exciting time; parents should not have to worry about the safety of the children. However, when event organizers, promoters and staff do not follow safety protocols and ignore warnings about possible dangerous conditions – and encourage the crowd to act in an unsafe manner, it can lead to preventable injuries and loss of life. 

McDonald Worley represents victims of mass casualty events, including sporting events and concerts, and fights to obtain compensation. If you attended Astroworld, contact McDonald Worley to discuss your rights. Hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions and call (888) 498-2551.

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