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When an auto accident occurs, taking quick action to protect your rights is essential. Reaching out to our team for legal help is important, regardless of who was at fault for the accident. Dealing with the aftermath of an accident on your own is a bad idea. Without the help of a car accident lawyer in Anaheim, your odds of getting a good outcome in your case are relatively low. By connecting with our qualified team of legal professionals here at McDonald Worley, you can be sure you are getting experienced advice.

Accidents happen daily. When they do, it is important to take the right steps. Instead of trying to do things on your own, contact our qualified auto accident lawyers. We help victims of auto accidents in and around Anaheim. We make you our priority, ensuring that you have all of the legal assistance that you require in your case. The only thing that you need to do to get the ball rolling is to reach out to our Anaheim injury law firm as soon as possible after your accident.

How Does a Contingency Fee Work?

This is a new term for some people and can be confusing at first. In essence, the term “contingency” refers to services that are paid for after the case is won. If the case goes your way and it leads to a positive verdict, our law firm will ask for compensation. However, what happens if it doesn’t go your way? Well, you don’t have to pay us a cent then!

Why is this a good idea? With a contingency fee, the law firm only takes a case when it knows the chances of winning are high. This means if our law firm agrees to take your case, the likelihood of a positive verdict will be sky-high. This should fill you with confidence.

While not every case leads to a win, it’s still best to know your chances of winning are high. It can act as a safety net when it comes to fighting a legal battle and making sure you come out on the right end.

How Will a Car Accident Lawyer Help?

McDonald Worley’s auto accident lawyers in Anaheim, California, have experience when it comes to these cases. They understand how to react in different scenarios, what to look for, and how to make sure the right decisions are taken along the way.

You will be backed by a competent team of professionals that understands these legal nuances better than anyone else. They will determine what’s required to help you in court. This is the type of assistance that can ensure you are fully backed during legal proceedings.

In general, the other party is going to have their story ready to go to win the case. This is why you need a strong legal team to build an air-tight legal strategy that’s going to lead to a positive verdict.

Sometimes, a client will believe they are going to win the case because they are not at fault. They might feel it is a slam dunk and nothing can go wrong but that’s hardly the case in real-life legal situations. It’s best to avoid taking a risk and go with someone that has experience handling auto accident cases near Anaheim.

What Are the Time Limits within Which to File an Auto Accident Claim?

When you are in an auto accident and believe the other party is responsible, it’s important to take action immediately. If you continue to delay the matter, it can decrease your chances of coming out with a positive verdict.

When it comes to the legal definition of what’s permitted, the law requires you to file a personal injury claim within 2 years. Regardless of what transpired after the auto accident, the clock starts running as soon as the accident takes place. This is why it’s best to have a legal professional pore through these details as soon as possible to make sure the right measures are taken. This includes filing legal paperwork promptly without missing key details.

It is important to note you will have an additional year for filing claims associated with property damage. However, it’s recommended to avoid dragging the legal matter past a certain point as it decreases your chances of winning. Being able to file as soon as you can assist the legal process and make it easier to call helpful witnesses. If you delay legal proceedings for years, it can get to the point where a witness doesn’t remember the incident and will not be reliable in court. It’s best not to test your luck and make sure a legal professional files the legal paperwork right away.

Delaying matters for any period will not serve you well over the long-term. While a person will have at least 2-3 years in the city of Anaheim to file the paperwork, it is still important to get started as soon as possible. This is going to ensure you get closer to a positive verdict and don’t have to deal with issues involving unreliable witnesses or the statute of limitations. Take the first step by calling us and setting up a detailed appointment.

What Will Happen in Case the Other Driver Does Not Have Insurance?

If you have been in an auto accident and the other party doesn’t have insurance, it’s recommended to seek out more information about the “Uninsured Motorist” clause in your insurance policy. This clause protects you in cases where the other party doesn’t have insurance.

If your insurance provider doesn’t offer an “Uninsured Motorist” clause then you will have to seek legal compensation by suing the other party. This will leave them bearing sole responsibility for the accident and the resulting compensation that’s expected of them legally.

What Happens Should My Claim be Denied?

If the claim has been denied then you can file a legal appeal. This can be done through an attorney on your behalf.

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After an accident, one of the first things that you should do is reach out to the personal injury lawyers at McDonald Worley in Anaheim. You can call us, chat with us through our website, or submit the online form to connect. After learning more about your case, we will help you understand which legal options are worth pursuing. We can be reached by phone at 877–721–3423. Don’t put off calling. Instead, reach out to us right away. With auto accident cases, time is not on your side. Quick action is essential to get the best outcome in your case.