5 Reasons to Hire a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Houston

If you were injured while riding a bicycle, then you may want to get legal help. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a bicycle accident lawyer.

The number of preventable deaths from bicycle incidents increased by 16% in 2020. Bike accidents have also increased by 44% in the last 10 years. If you were recently in a crash, contact a bicycle accident lawyer right away.

They can file a bicycle accident lawsuit on your behalf to help you fight for compensation.

On the fence about hiring a bicycle accident attorney? Read on to discover the five reasons you should request legal help today. 

1. To Determine Liability

In order to file and win a bicycle accident lawsuit, you first need to prove the other party’s liability caused the accident. Otherwise, you could miss your opportunity to receive compensation to recover your losses.

To prove the other party was liable for the accident, you’ll need evidence to prove their negligence led to your injuries. You could struggle to gather the evidence you need to prove liability, though. In some cases, the other party might even try to indicate you caused the accident.

Before that can happen, hire the best bicycle accident lawyer in town. They can gather the evidence needed to prove who was liable for the accident. They can also prove the other party’s negligence caused you bodily harm and impacted your quality of life. 

2. Leverage Their Expertise

You could struggle to file your bicycle accident lawsuit alone if you lack the necessary expertise. Even one small paperwork mistake could get your case thrown out.

Meanwhile, the insurance company will try to send you a lowball settlement offer. You could leave money on the table without realizing it. 

Before that can happen, talk to a bicycle accident attorney. You can leverage their expertise and expertise to avoid making a potentially costly mistake. 

3. To Fight for Compensation

The cost of bicycle injuries and deaths has exceeded $23 billion every year. An accident could put you out of work for some time. In addition to lost wages, you also need to consider:

  • Property damage (to your bike, helmet, etc.)
  • Medical bills (treatments, medications, etc.)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Future expenses 

These expenses can stack up. Remember, the insurance company might not pay the full amount of compensation you’re due.

Your bike accident lawyer can help you fight to recover damages. 

4. For Peace of Mind

Filing a bicycle accident lawsuit can feel stressful, especially if you lack experience. Hiring a bicycle accident attorney can give you peace of mind.

They’ll help you fight every step of the way. Their guidance can help you avoid additional mishaps and stress, too. 

5. To Deal With the Insurance Company

Don’t try to negotiate with the insurance company alone. Remember, they might send you a lowball offer. They might delay paying off your claim or refuse to pay it outright.

An experienced lawyer can handle these negotiations on your behalf. 

Ride Toward Compensation: Hire a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Today

Don’t pay out of pocket for property damage or medical bills after an accident. Instead, hire a lawyer right away. Your bicycle accident lawyer will ensure you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

With their help, you can avoid additional stress after an accident.

Want to discuss the details of your case with an award-winning law firm? We’re here to help.

Request a free case review today.


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