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What To Do After A Houston Car Accident?

Driver taking a picture after a car accident in Houston

When a car accident strikes, it can be a scary and confusing turn of events. You may feel frustrated with your vehicle damage or have injuries that need medical attention. This can cause you to forget what you need to do after a car crash and could affect your case. Follow these steps after a…

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What to Do if Your Child is Hurt in a School Bus Accident

What to do if your child is hurt in a school bus accident

Our main concern is the safety of our children. When we have kids in the car with us, we tend to drive a little slower. We stop at street lights a little longer. We do whatever we can think of to get them home safely. It’s hard for us to trust other people driving our…

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Do I Need A Police Report After A Houston Car Crash?

Houston police officer making a report after a car crash

When you are involved in a Houston car crash, there are several steps that you need to take. In order to comply with the law in Houston, you need to file a crash report. Not only does this help you to avoid a fine for not filing, but it can help your Houston auto accident…

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