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Diabetic Amputation Lawsuit Filed by Invokana User

A diabetic amputation lawsuit says that a drug manufacturer has not gone far enough to warn patients about the risks of losing a limb. The side effect of amputation can drastically alter a patient’s life. Plaintiff Carey L. has initiated the diabetic amputation lawsuit based on allegations that the manufacturer of Invokana failed to warn patients…

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Texas Payday Lending Laws Designed to Protect Consumers

Texas payday lending laws have come about as a result of numerous complaints and lawsuits filed against allegedly illegal behavior on the part of payday lenders. Although payday lenders may seem to provide an important service for people who are in need of financial assistance as soon as possible, these payday lenders do not have…

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Court Considering Time Limits in Risperdal Breast Growth Cases

The consolidation of Risperdal breast growth cases has now encountered a time limit that could have implications for thousands of different lawsuits that have all been consolidated in Philadelphia against Johnson & Johnson. Recently, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court agreed that in the Risperdal breast growth lawsuits, there must be consideration of when the clock did begin…

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