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California Man Files Hernia Mesh Failure Lawsuit

A California man has filed a hernia mesh failure lawsuit alleging that the makers of the popular hernia mesh product have a defective medical device on the market that puts patients at risk. According to the hernia mesh failure lawsuit filed by William K., the surgical implantation of an allegedly defective Ventralex ST mesh product,…

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Nursing Home Abuse Settlement Basics

nursing home abuse in texas on the rise

Although the facts of any individual case will determine what happens in a nursing home abuse settlement, a consultation with an attorney at the outset of a case can help give a better perspective of what to anticipate. A nursing home abuse settlement may include damage payments for injuries sustained by a patient who was…

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Most Common Trucking Accidents Can Be Prevented

Common trucking accidents put victims, including anyone else on the road with truckers, at risk of severe injuries or even fatal medical conditions. Unfortunately, common trucking accidents can often be prevented and it is usually the victim who suffers the serious consequences of being hurt in such an accident. Common Trucking Accidents Caused by Drivers…

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Severe Bleeding from Prompts Legal Claim

A plaintiff has alleged severe bleeding from in a lawsuit against the manufacturer Janssen Research & Development and Johnson & Johnson. Patricia H. says that severe bleeding from developed as a result of taking the drug, but that she was never told about the dangerous risks associated with use of and how it could contribute…

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Invokana Warning Signs Might be Caught Too Late

Those patients who are not aware of the dangers of amputations might not realize the Invokana warning signs that could indicate something serious happening internally. These serious side effects could lead a patient to have a leg or foot amputated. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Invokana warning signs might not have been…

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Long Term Risperdal Side Effects Could Be Severe

The popular antipsychotic medication has been tied to the risk of long term Risperdal side effects. Long term Risperdal side effects have been reported in adverse patient event reports as well as in academic and medical studies. The long term Risperdal side effects could be especially problematic when they are prescribed to children and young…

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Bard IVC Filter Lawsuit Stands with $3.6M Jury Award

the IVC filter market continues to grow despite complications

A Bard IVC filter lawsuit has concluded with Bard being blocked from getting a new trial after a $3.6 million jury verdict came down. This verdict awarded in the Bard IVC filter lawsuit was handed down after a multidistrict litigation test trial regarding the safety of vein filters that are designed to capture blood clots…

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Tips for Safe Summer Driving in Texas

Being aware of the benefits of safe summer driving in Texas can help you avoid an accident. Staying safe behind the wheel begins with understanding the dangers of summer driving in Texas. Summer is one of the most dangerous times for people to be on the road because of higher volumes of traffic and more…

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