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Risperdal Risk Lawsuits Allege Side Effects Weren't Explained

Risperdal risk lawsuits have become increasingly prominent in recent years as more patients who took this popular antipsychotic discover that there are serious side effects associated with short and long-term use. Those plaintiffs in recent Risperdal risk lawsuits recently received approval to seek punitive damages under a ruling established by the Pennsylvania Superior Court. Plaintiffs were…

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IVC Filter Trial Outcome Includes $3.6M Award

An IVC filter trial against C.R. Bard, a popular manufacturer of the IVC device, has led to a claim that the manufacturer of the device owes more than $3.6 million to an injured party. A federal jury in Phoenix involved in the IVC filter trial gave $2 million in punitive damage costs and $2 million in compensatory…

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What Causes the High Risk of a Car Accident in Texas?

when a car accident occurs contact a car accident lawyer

A car accident in Texas is one of the most devastating things that a person can live through, especially when the victim learns that someone else’s negligence caused the accident. Despite advances in technology and laws that aim to curb dangerous driving habits, the number of crashes in Texas continues to be a problem for…

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Why Are There So Many Texas Semi Truck Accidents?

18 wheeler accident

Many people are concerned about the growing number of and the persistence of Texas semi truck accidents. Texas semi truck accidents leave behind a wake of devastation in the form of serious injuries or even fatalities. Far too many Texas semi truck accidents could have been prevented by appropriate driver care and proper hiring and…

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Study: Risks May Include Internal Bleeding Issues

A new study identifies that the risks for patients may be much higher than the potential benefits. The study published in the New England Journal of Medicine identified that risks can include serious side effects but it is no more effective than aspirin in terms of preventing blood clots following a knee replacement or hip…

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Debt Collector Abuse Complaints Get Senators' Attention

New senators are concerned about private debt collector abuse linked to the IRS. Debt collector abuse can take many different forms and it can also allow consumers who have been negatively affected to pursue legal action. Four Democrats in the United States Senate have already drafted a letter to the companies who were hired by…

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Study: IVC Filter Fracture May Be Common Side Effect

A new IVC filter fracture report identifies that there is a high risk of strut embolism. Inferior vena cava filter fractures have been reported by patients around the United States and a new report reveals that the risk of IVC filter fracture is high. The case study identifies one female patient who suffered from an…

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What to Do Next After a Car Accident in Texas

Being injured in a car accident in Texas is often an overwhelming and confusing experience and it is not uncommon for victims to feel unclear of their next steps. Knowing what to do after a car accident in Texas can make a big difference on your ability to recover compensation by filing a personal injury…

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