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Wrongful Death Nursing Home Injury Lawsuit Settled for $800K

The Devereux Foundation has settled a nursing home injury lawsuit that ended with a wrongful death. The nursing home injury lawsuit alleged that the staff working at a residential behavioral health facility in Pennsylvania failed to recognize infection symptoms in a patient. That resident was developmentally disabled and suffered fatal injuries as a result of poor…

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Georgia Man Joins Bard IVC Filter Lawsuit

the IVC filter market continues to grow despite complications

A Georgia man has joined the litigation alleging C.R. Bard manufactured defective IVC filters that caused injuries. According to the Bard IVC filter lawsuit, the plaintiff was implanted with the Denali Vena Cava Filter in 2015. According to the complaint, the patient and doctors were unaware of the risks presented by Bard’s vena cava filter…

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Perfix Hernia Mesh Injury Lawsuit Alleges Toxicity

bard ventralight hernia mesh lawsuit filed

Manufacturers C.R. Bard and Davol Inc. face a new Perfix hernia mesh injury lawsuit filed by a patient who claims the mesh is toxic. The plaintiff in the Perfix hernia mesh injury lawsuit says he had hernia repair surgery with the implantation back in November 2015. However, the lawsuit alleges that because of the mesh’s…

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Fastest Speeding Tickets in Texas in 2017

The top speeding tickets in Texas in 2017 may illustrate how many people are going above and beyond the posted speed limits, putting themselves and others at risk of a catastrophic accident. The fastest speeding tickets in Texas is only recorded by those captured by the police; other people going at excessive speeds behind the…

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Injury Lawsuit Filed Due to Severe Bleeding

Lawsuit alleges woman developed anemia from .

A new injury lawsuit has been filed due to an adverse bleeding event that occurred in April 2016. The patient, after using the medication for months, allegedly began to notice serious side effects that prompted a visit to the hospital. The Oklahoma resident began using in October 2015. A significant adverse bleeding event occurred in…

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Opioid Crisis Prompts Crackdown on Prescribing Doctors

Authorities are now cracking down as a result of the opioid crisis on those doctors who allegedly are peddling the pills unnecessarily. Due to the high addiction rate associated with opioids and the fact that the opioid crisis has spread throughout the United States, many doctors who are accused of peddling the medications and operating…

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Punitive Damages Reinstated in Risperdal Lawsuit

Drug maker, Johnson & Johnson, may have to pay punitive damages to a plaintiff who alleges severe side effects after taking Risperdal as a child. Timothy S. alleged in his Risperdal lawsuit that he suffered severe side effects, including the development of female breasts or gynecomastia. The plaintiff was prescribed the drug for Tourette’s syndrome…

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Fatal Tractor Trailer Crash Could Have Been Prevented, Lawsuit Says

Severe injuries after UPS semi-truck accident

A Texas tractor trailer crash along I-10 in West Texas led to multiple fatalities, according to a recently filed lawsuit. The district court records in Harris County show that a representative of a victim in that crash filed the lawsuit. The victim in the case was a passenger in a Volkswagen Jetta that was traveling on I-10…

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Jury Awards $2M in Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

A $2 million verdict over the death of an elderly woman at a nursing home was affirmed by Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court. The nursing home abuse lawsuit alleged that Elise Dubose died in 2007, a mere two years after becoming a resident at Willowcrest Nursing Home. Her son who initiated the lawsuit against the nursing home…

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Number of IVC Filter Lawsuits Growing Against Manufacturers

xarelto gastrointestinal bleeding lawsuit filed recently

A new IVC filter lawsuit argues that using these medical devices puts patients at risk for severe injuries. Cordis is one of three biggest manufacturers of IVC filters currently facing litigation from injured patients who argue they were never told about the serious side effects. IVC filter lawsuits maintain that patients and medical professionals were never fully…

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