¿A Quién Puedo Demandar si me Lesiono en un Accidente de Camión de Semirremolque?

If you have been injured in a truck accident, there may be a number of parties that could be held liable. Working with an attorney experienced in addressing all the complex details of a truck accident claim can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Possible parties responsible for injuries in a semi-trailer truck accident

Getting injured in a truck accident is much more complicated when considering who may have been responsible for the injuries. Usually, most people know that they can sue the truck driver, as well as the truck company that employed the driver. However, there are a number of other potentially responsible parties that can be named in a personal injury claim after a truck accident.

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The semi-trailer driver : The semi-trailer driver may be responsible for causing the accident and can certainly be named in a lawsuit. The driver’s insurance company may be held liable for damages that occur in a truck accident. In cases where a truck driver was not insured, if you have uninsured motorist insurance coverage that you have purchased through your own insurance company, you may be eligible to request compensation from your own company.

However, in general, compensation for injuries from insurance policies may be limited in a case involving a truck accident, especially if there are extensive personal injuries, so it is important that a thorough investigation of all potentially responsible parties.

The driver’s employer : The company that employs the driver is often responsible for the accidents that its employees have caused during the scope of work.

The owner of the Semi-Truck – The company that owns the semi-truck is often named as a potentially responsible party when someone is injured in a semi-truck accident. In some cases, the truck may have a different owner than the trailer. In cases like these, both companies can be held liable in a truck accident claim.

The parent company / companies of the truck owner or the employer of the driver : in some cases, the parent company or the companies of the truck owner may be held liable after someone has been injured in a truck accident. In addition, the parent company or the driver’s employer companies can also take responsibility for the injuries of the victims of an accident.

El camión o el fabricante de la parte del camión: el fabricante del camión puede ser considerado responsable si el camión sufrió defectos de diseño, fabricación u otros defectos que contribuyeron al accidente del camión. Por ejemplo, si los frenos diseñados o fabricados de manera defectuosa fueron una causa que contribuyó al accidente, el fabricante del camión y la compañía que fabricó los frenos pueden ser considerados responsables.

La compañía de mantenimiento de camiones semirremolque: a veces, el mantenimiento inadecuado realizado por una compañía puede conducir a un accidente de camión semi. Un ejemplo es que los frenos instalados incorrectamente por una compañía de mantenimiento pueden haber contribuido al accidente.

El propietario / remitente de la carga del camión: a veces, la preparación inadecuada de la carga del camión para ser transportada puede causar un accidente, y la compañía responsable de preparar la carga y cargar el camión puede tener la responsabilidad en el accidente.

Los conductores de otros vehículos involucrados en el accidente: a veces, además de tener un accidente con un camión, pueden estar involucrados otros vehículos. Los conductores y propietarios de los otros vehículos pueden ser responsables de que una persona resulte lesionada en un accidente de camión, y las compañías de seguros para cualquier automovilista asegurado pueden estar en línea por daños.

The manufacturer of another vehicle in the accident : sometimes, a defective vehicle or a part of the vehicle may have caused an accident or may contribute to the victims of the accident suffering more serious injuries, as if the vehicle has an air bag, tires , fuel tank or other defective defect that can lead to an increase in injuries sustained by those injured in a truck accident.

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