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An appellate court in Pennsylvania has overturned a previous defense verdict regarding Johnson & Johnson’s alleged failure to warn young men about the risk of developing gynecomastia while taking Risperdal. The Risperdal trial verdict has been reversed in the midst of more than 5,500 cases pending in the state court system against Johnson & Johnson.

The controversial antipsychotic medication was given to many young men and boys, causing them to develop breasts without their knowledge. This has prompted many of them to receive breast removal surgery and to file lawsuits.

The Risperdal trial verdict reversal came from the Pennsylvania Superior Court, determining that the defense verdict handed down in March 2015 was improper.

Originally, that was because a physician’s assistant had testified and the testimony was accepted. She argued that the breast growth could have been caused completely by weight gain.

The court overturned the Risperdal trial verdict and requested a new trial. The new Risperdal trial will have a limited scope, however, as it is only going to address damages and causation concerns. Risperdal gynecomastia problems have become the subject of increasing lawsuits in recent years.

Risperdal Cases on the Rise

Additional lawsuits continue to be filed as more young boys and families realize the dangers of Risperdal. The psychological and physical impact of gynecomastia or sudden breast growth can be overwhelming for a young man who began taking the medication for behavioral problems. The litigation for Risperdal side effects has been consolidated in Philadelphia.

Representative cases have already been given early trial dates. Several different juries have already returned verdicts in favor of the young men and boys who suffered breast growth, stipulating that the drug maker knew about the risks and withheld information from the medical community and families.

One Tennessee family was awarded $70 million in damages. More than $2 billion in damages have been paid overall to government and state agencies due to Risperdal lawsuits. Civil and criminal complaints have also been lodged against the manufacturer – in 2013, the Department of Justice said this medication and others were promoted for dementia treatment although it had not been approved for that purpose.

Some Risperdal gynecomastia settlements have been achieved in other cases. Many of the young men who developed this condition did so after they began taking Risperdal for behavioral and psychiatric reasons.

Many of the affected patients said that the impacts go far beyond removal surgery – the psychological damage done to them as teenage boys will stay with them for years.

Risperdal was first put on the U.S. market in 1994, but the drug has garnered plenty of negative attention from users and adverse event reports. Risperdal is classified by the World Health Organization as an “essential medicine.”

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