Risperdal Effects in Children May Be Severe

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Risperdal has beenΒ tied to a number of different serious side effects but there are particular concerns recently over Risperdal effects in children.

Risperdal is a widely prescribed antipsychotic medication and one that has recently become more popular for use with children diagnosed with autism.

While there are side effects associated with all kinds of medications, when the manufacturer fails to warn about serious problems, it is often the patients who pay the price in the form of injuries.

In some situations, this might lead to the filing of a defective drug lawsuit.

Parents Report Issues with Risperdal Effects in Children

A growing number of medical researchers and professionals in the field report that severe Risperdal effects in children could cause significant problems and dangers for unsuspecting patients.

Although the medication is widely used and may improve some behavior associated with autism, Risperdal effects in children can include weight gain and sleepiness as well as other more severe side effects.

Studies Show Possible Problems with Risperdal for Children

An informal analysis of the prescription medication identified that while it may be helpful in minimizing the aggressive or explosive behavior tied to autism in just a matter of weeks, it has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for reducing repetitive behaviors or hyperactivity.

Risperidone also has significant limitations and drawbacks. The Risperdal effects in children may prompt some parents to grow concerned about the long-term impacts on their children. One expert from the National Institute of Mental Health warns that Risperdal is not a cure for autism.

Not everyone will respond to the medication and other Risperdal effects in children may present when the drug is discontinued. According to some medical experts in the field, the medication does not improve many of the core behaviors linked to autism. The side effects of Risperdal can include an increased appetite which is tied to weight gain.

Weight Gain Common for Those Taking Risperdal

According to an analysis of the Risperdal effects in children, children taking the medication will gain an average of six lbs. within just eight weeks of taking the medication. It can also lead to involuntary movements, hormonal changes and drowsiness.

medicationNumerous studies have documented the dangers associated with Risperdal but efforts to find safer options that are equally effective have come up short.

Risperdal effects in children may surprise parents or even patients.

Risperdal works by blocking the brain’s receptors for serotonin and dopamine and it was initially approved to treat schizophrenia.

The FDA approved it for schizophrenia treatment in 1993. Many other older antipsychotics work by minimizing dopamine activity.

In 2006, the FDA approved Risperdal to treat irritability in children between ages five and 16 who have been diagnosed with autism.

Those parents who have noticed serious Risperdal effects in children about which they were never warned may choose to participate in a lawsuit.

Anyone who has been affected by problems with Risperdal should evaluate their opportunity to file a legal claim. Consult with the experienced lawyers at McDonald Worley to learn more.