Motorcyclist Dies in a Fiery Collision

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A deadly accident between a motorcycle and a car occurred on January 1st in southeast Houston.

The motorcyclist was killed, and the second person involved in the accident was injured and taken to a hospital.

According to the police, the motorcycle-car collision happened in the early morning hours around 3:40 a.m. on Genoa Red Bluff near Space Center Boulevard.

Both vehicles caught fire, which made the accident even more complicated.

A man who lived nearby heard the loud crashing sound and ran out to help the injured people, but he says he was not able to do anything because of the fire.

He got a fire extinguisher, but it was not enough to tame the flames. The police then pulled out the driver and put him near the fence. The man was screaming while the fire was burning his body.

And while the driver of the car got help, the motorcyclist lost his life on the scene. The driver was taken to Clear Lake Regional Hospital.

The identity of the motorcyclist and the driver were not released so far.

Motorcycle crashes are often fatal for riders. Insurance companies and the other party involved in a motorcycle accident will always try to put the blame on the rider. This is why motorcyclists rarely get full compensation for their injuries and damages.

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