Las Vegas Parents Arrested of Child Abuse and Neglecting

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Two parents from Las Vegas are arrested for child abuse, including neglect of a sick child.

The Facebook pages of Semiah Red and Chanse Campbell show happy and proud parents. However, the reality is much harsher; they are accused of abusing their children, including one with special needs. The neglect and abuse were terrible, so the children had to be admitted to a hospital.

In August, Metro Police informed that the two of Red and Campbell’s children were diagnosed with malnutrition, an infection, and medical neglect. One of the children had marks on their stomach, for what is believed to be cigarette lighter burns. The other child had bruises.

One of the children told police their parents would leave them alone at home, while they were going to a casino. Police say the mother admitted to hitting her children with belts and extension cords. She also admitted that her four-year-old daughter was barely taking any food because she was missing her feeding tube. Food and water were coming out of the little girl’s stomach. The mother said that she had no money to get suitable medical treatment for her daughter.

Child Protective Services was monitoring the family for five months; CPS representatives were visiting the home and were aware the child with special needs was not getting the needed medical help. Finally, on August 20th, a home health care nurse noticed that the four-year-old girl extremely lost weight within a week. She reported the case, which led to the children being taken to a hospital. Shortly after, the parents were arrested.

The parents are expected to go back to court in December. There is no additional information on the health state of the children.

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