Man Who Developed Female Breasts From Risperdal Awarded $1M

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A 24-year-old Troy, N.Y. man who developed female breasts at age 10 from the antipsychotic medication Risperdal has won a $1 million jury verdict against Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, Janssen Pharmaceuticals.  

An Albany, N.Y. psychiatrist prescribed the drug to Shaquil B. in 2002, when he was nine, to treat mood disorders, the (Albany) Times Union reports.

While Risperdal helped stabilize Byrd’s moods, he told the newspaper that the drug’s side effect — gynecomastia, a condition in which men develop female breast tissue — made his life “hell.”

“I mostly got bullied because of it,” Byrd said of his female breasts from Risperdal. “People asking if I have titties, asking if I need to wear my sister’s bra. They constantly asked me if I had milk. They did a thing called a ‘scoop slam dunk’ and that was when they basically cuffed my chest and slapped it down. They actually grabbed my chest.”

Not only did Byrd grow female breasts from Risperdal, he also began lactating by age 10, according to

Three years ago, he had the breasts surgically removed. Months later he filed the lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the drug’s manufacturers.

 blood thinner study published recentlyRisperdal received FDA approval for use in children in 2006 though it had been prescribed for years as an off-label use before then.

The same year it was approved for children, Johnson & Johnson updated its warning label, noting a 2.3 percent risk of male adolescents developing gynecomastia. Previously, the drug maker characterized gynecomastia as a rare occurrence that affected fewer than one in 1,000 patients.

Males developing female breasts from Risperdal have been the basis for tens of thousands of lawsuits nationwide. Several jury verdicts favorable to the plaintiffs have been awarded in the past couple of years.

A jury awarded a Maryland man with autism nearly $2 million in damages for developing Risperdal gynecomastia when he was a child and a Tennessee man who grew female breasts from Risperdal at age five recently won a staggering $70 million judgment.

In that case, jurors held Johnson & Johnson and Janssen liable for failing to warn the man’s doctors about the gynecomastia risk and for intentionally falsifying, destroying or concealing from doctors the results of a study showing the risk of Risperdal gynecomastia so that they would continue to prescribe the medication.

Five times Philadelphia juries have found the drugmakers responsible for failing to adequately warn healthcare providers about Risperdal’s risk for gynecomastia.

Shaquil told the Times Union that the bullying and resulting angst he suffered from his female breasts from Risperdal continue to haunt him.

“If I was to get in a relationship tomorrow and it lasted seven years, she would probably only see me with my shirt off maybe six times — but by accident,” he said.

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