What to Do Next After a Car Accident in Texas

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Being injured in a car accident in Texas is often an overwhelming and confusing experience and it is not uncommon for victims to feel unclear of their next steps.

Knowing what to do after a car accident in Texas can make a big difference on your ability to recover compensation by filing a personal injury claim.

Car Accident in Texas, Next Steps

If you have been hurt in a car accident in Texas, you must be prepared to act and to gather as much information as possible that may ultimately prove helpful in filing your injury claim. There are specific things that must be handled in a timely fashion if you wish to recover the funds you may need to pay your medical bills and move on with your life.

The first thing to understand after a car accident in Texas is that you should never leave the scene. This is even the case when you are not sure about whether or not you have sustained injuries or suffered serious property damage.

Any necessary help must be provided to all parties hurt in the accident and you may also face potential dangers or criminal allegations if you leave the scene of an incident.

texas-roadPull up as close as possible to the accident scene without obstructing it.

Take a moment to assess the situation and determine whether or not you have suffered any severe injuries.

You should do your best to provide any necessary assistance to pedestrians, passengers or motorist who may also been hurt in the accident.

Before moving any injured persons, you should contact the authorities and request assistance at the scene.

After a car accident in Texas, it is important to remain calm and to get medical attention immediately. This is true even if you are not yet sure whether or not you have sustained serious injuries.

Many of the injuries common after a car accident in Texas are not visible to the naked eye and require further testing at the hospital.

Wait for Help After a Car Accident

Once the highway patrol sheriff or police arrive at the scene, you will want to file an injury report and provide your contact information. It is very important that you do this to clarify what may have happened in the incident and to have a record you can reflect back on after the fact. It may be difficult to recall details from the scene of the incident otherwise.

You are required to provide certain details to anyone else involved, including your driver’s license number, you name, address, and contact information, the license number of any vehicles involved and auto insurance details for the motorists involved.

It is very valuable to take photographs or videos of the scene of the incident as you may be able to use these with your personal injury attorney after the fact to identify how the accident occurred.

It may be difficult for you to remember this information on your own and having a video or photographic record is much more powerful evidence, should you need to go to court and file a personal injury claim.

Any eyewitnesses who may have seen the accident unfold should be contacted and gather their information so that you can follow up with them at a future date.

Remain calm at the scene of the accident even if the situation seems chaotic. No one should accept blame at the scene of the incident as this can be a big mistake that could influence the outcome of your personal injury case.

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