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It seems as if there are stories on the news every few days about random shootings in different parts of the country. The atrocities that took place in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio this weekend are just the latest in what feels like a string of mass shootings in this country.

It’s been hard to miss the news coverage the past few days. Victims who were inside the Walmart when Patrick Crusius started shooting are doing interviews from their hospital beds. Reporters are meeting with people who lost loved ones in the Walmart shooting this past Saturday.

Once the dust settles, the victims of the Walmart shooting are going to start looking for answers. How could someone walk into a department store brandishing an assault-style rifle? And, now that we’ve learned about the shooter’s history of hateful behavior, it begs the question – how did he get his hands on a gun in the first place?

The attorneys at McDonald Worley are keeping an eye on the ongoing investigation. They have seen their fair share of mass shootings. They have helped dozens of clients who have been injured in these types of atrocities. Their goals is to make sure people affected by the Walmart shooting in El Paso get the justice they deserve.

What Happened Saturday in that Walmart in El Paso?

On Saturday morning, a young man named Patrick Crusius walked into a Walmart store in El Paso just like any other customer. What nobody knew was that the 21-year old was casing the store for what he had planned to do later in the day.

At 10:39 a.m. Saturday morning, Crusius came back to the Walmart, wearing protective earmuffs, safety glasses and carrying a high-powered assault rifle. Before he even entered the store, he started shooting at random people.

He continued through the store shooting his rifle, killing as many people as possible. The death toll is now at 22 with another 24 people severely injured. When interviewed by the police, Crusius said that his goal was to kill as any Mexicans as possible once he got into the Walmart.

Cruisus lived about 600 miles from the store. He said he chose this particular Walmart as his target because it was located within 5 miles of the border. The investigation revealed that Crusius had posted hate messages on darkweb sites just days before the mass shooting.

Cruisus has been charged with capital murder and has been assigned a public defender. The government is considering filing additional charges that will carry a mandatory sentence of death.

What About the Victims and Their Families?

Investigators have confirmed that 22 people were killed in the Walmart shooting. At least two dozen other people have been seriously injured. The victims ranged from just 2-years old to 82-years old.

The victims are starting to ask the hard questions. How did someone like Crusius manage to get his hands on an assault-style rifle? Who is selling these types of guns and how do they get away with it?

Another question people are going to start asking is why this man was still on the streets. Posts by Patrick Crusius just days before the Walmart shooting had allegedly attracted the attention of Texas law enforcement. So, why was he still a free man on Saturday?

Finally, did Walmart do everything possible to protect their customers? Should someone have noticed Crusius the first time he walked through the store? Should someone have been there to stop Crusius when he strolled through the doors carrying an assault-style rifle?

It may seem early, but the victims involved in the Walmart shooting will have to start getting answers to these hard questions. Like so many other victims of mass shootings, they may have legal claims against various parties. The experienced attorneys at McDonald Worley know what it takes to get these victims the compensation they deserve.

Lawsuits Filed in the Pulse Nightclub Shooting

In June of 2016, we saw a similar atrocity take place in Orlando, Florida. An armed gunman entered the Pulse nightclub and killed 49 people. In the years since the shooting, the victims have filed suit against the nightclub and the Orlando Police Department.

The lawsuits claimed that the victims’ rights were violated when the on-duty police officers failed to enter the nightclub after the gunman. They also argued that the city has not trained their officers properly.

Like any other personal injury case, this one was based on something called negligence. The plaintiffs argued that the police officers didn’t do what they should have done at the time of the shooting.

Earlier this year, the Judge in the Pulse Nightclub cases dismissed the lawsuits. The judge concluded that the plaintiffs had not proven that their rights were violated or that the officer were negligent. The case is currently being appealed.

Settlement May Be Pending in the MGM Resort Cases in Las Vegas

Similar to what we saw with the Pulse Nightclub shootings, victims of the Mandalay Bay shooting have also filed suit. Over 4,200 people filed suit against MGM Resorts, the owner of the Mandalay Bay.

The difference in the Las Vegas cases is that there may be a settlement pending. There are reports that the case is close to settling for as much as $800 million. The personal injury lawyers at McDonald Worley are watching this case closely.

Contact an Experienced Attorney at McDonald Worley

If your loved one was injured in the El Paso Walmart shooting, or if you have any questions, contact an experienced attorney at McDonald Worley. They are monitoring the situation closely. They are also prepared to help the victims of this atrocity seek justice.